Kai-Oi Jay Yung : Paradise Stories, Liverpool 2008
Local / National / International call for submissions

Governments, urban planners, scientists, religious institutions and economists continue to seek implementation of a near utopian paradigm for the benefits of inhabitants and global positioning. Modern day living however is often a satire on any idyllic notion of paradise.

What is your interpretation/commentary on modern day paradise relating to your surroundings and realities of human nature / the way things are? How will you offer an alternative sanctuary/’some’ place rather than an impossible ‘no place’?

Call for submissions of existing works (2005+) or new work towards a dynamic environment in/around the gallery space. The work should somehow consider opportunities for viewer interaction/participation.

Who: Kai-Oi Jay Yung
Call for submissions for Paradise Stories exhibition
Where: Liverpool (venue tbc)
Sat 8 Sep 2007
Further Information:
Paradise Stories myspace for application details
Contact: jayprojects@hotmail.com