NO FIXED ABODE - Call For Submissions

No Fixed Abode invites your submission for films to be shown in Clare Ruddock and Ele Carpenter's Mobile Cinema, which No Fixed Abode will be hiring in April 2007. The Mobile Cinema, formerly a 1970's Sprite caravan, will be brought to Sheffield for one day and travelled around the areas visited by mobile libraries.

Culture and the arts are significant factors in a city’s economic success. Various bodies and organisations exist within the UK whose aim it is to promote, develop and enable more people to have access to more art in more places. It is believed that ‘the arts have the power to change lives and communities, and to create opportunities for (more) people throughout the country'.1

Sheffield prides itself on being a cultural city, quick to recognise that the cultural sector was the best way to rebuild its economy after the collapse of many of its industries, particularly those of steel. Like many other cities Sheffield has a cultural development strategy aimed at 'creating successful neighbourhoods and economic regeneration, being instrumental in creating improvements in health, lifelong learning, community cohesion, economic vitality and stimulating civic pride'.2

Core to the strategy is the cultural enrichment and empowerment of Sheffield's Citizenry, focusing around the development of new programmes through established cultural institutions such as the city’s libraries. It is believed that 'All libraries can change lives… The arts have a central importance in facilitating this process of empowerment and libraries, especially public libraries, are, or certainly should be, essential cultural development agencies within their local community.' 3

One facet of the library services is the mobile library, a library that is able to reach areas and communities that either do not have easy or local access to a public library or contain a number of inhabitants unable to go to the library for whatever reason. Its aim is to bring the cultural enrichment of the public libraries to the community at large.

The Mobile Cinema functions in a very similar way to a mobile library. It has the ability to travel to those areas not served by a cinema and bring the cultural enrichment that the contemporary city craves for all.

No Fixed Abode is not sure whether this will have the power to change lives. Although it is certain that the arts can do this there is no guarantee that the Mobile Cinema will. It is difficult to trust the ideologies of organisations and funding bodies that aim at improving people's lives through art initiatives that are essentially businesses that aim to capitalise and feed economic growth through culture. It must be noted though that No Fixed Abode is funded in this way. 08/12/2006
2.Sheffield Culture A Strategy for Inclusive Cultural and Sporting Development, Dr Ann Gosse, Director of Culture, Sheffield City Council. January 2006.
3.Cultural Development & Publicly Funded Library Services, Report of the Libraries & Arts Working Party of the Library Association Public Libraries Committee. 1997

Please send us your films in response to the above writing.

Deadline for submissions Fri 23 Feb 2007, selected films will be shown in Sheffield in April 2007.

Films should not exceed 15mins in length and should be submitted in the following in any format apart from 35mm, 16mm and 8mm. If your film is in one of these formats please get it transferred to a digital format such as DVD, mini DV or .AVI, .mpeg etc.

Send Submissions to: No Fixed Abode
133 Neill Road
Hunters Bar
South Yorkshire
S11 8QJ