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Contents May Vary run an independent free publication currently distributed in Manchester, Halifax, Derby, Middlesbrough, London and Berlin. Artists are invited to contribute work to this project:

The gap between what we can assume lies beneath the visual world and the potential possibilities of what it conceals has given our imagination the opportunity to wander. Our minds reason that the inside of a rock is simply more of the outside. But we can never quite come to terms with the possibilities of what is hidden. To split the rock in a quest for this knowledge is futile when you discover that instead of revealing the internal, all you have achieved is even more known external. As artists we are faced with a decision on the format with which to start a discussion. With accepting what we see is real, a book as object involves seen and unseen material. This inanimate object can engage us on many levels when we begin a relationship with it as both creator and viewer.

Who: Contents May Vary
What: Call for submissions for Issue II of the Contents May Vary publication
Where: Manchester
When: Deadline Thu 1 Mar 2007
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