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Scars by jbecerra

NR Project is excited to announce Scars, a charity exhibition of 25 artworks by jbecerra dealing with the threat of international terrorism in the 21st century.

Victoria Adam middens ❧

PV Friday 20th November 6 – 9pm

middens  will run from the 21st November 2015 – 16th January 2016 (closed between 20/12 – 06/01)




Victoria Adam’s first solo exhibition in London is a collection of new works formed through a six month Materials Residency with a focus on clay and ceramics.



Lambeth Floating Marsh

Lambeth Floating Marsh is an arts/science collaboration with artist Loraine Leeson and biophysical chemist Nithin Rai examining microscopic life and supporting biodiversity on the tidal Thames.

Artists Conversations: Richard DeDomenici and Boedi Widjaja

From East to the Barbican, curated by Something Human, showcases two exciting performances by artists Boedi Widjaja and Richard Domenici, which take to the public spaces from East London to the Barbican Centre. Join them for an evening where they will discuss their work and how they developed these performances.

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. workshop

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., the London-based direct-action feminist performance group, that challenges anti-choice laws in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, will take you for a wander through elements of the history of Irish women in the East End of London. 

Cuming: A Natural Selection

In ‘Cuming: A Natural Selection’ artist Janetka Platun has responded to the fire which devastated Southwark’s Cuming Museum in March 2013.

From East to the BARBICAN

A two-day live art event curated by Something Human.


With thoughtful reflections on democratic uses of public space, artists as citizens, explorers and activists utilise digital streaming and connectivity to playfully re-configure our understanding of the city.


Enacting ceremonial processions, tracing alternative routes and activating dead spaces, the artists cross the City thresholds into the historical and financial heart of London, to join an exciting live art programme at the BARBICAN.


xero kline & coma is pleased to host the launch of Issue 5 of Buried Zine, a heavy metal fanzine like no other.

Venice Pavilion in London

In conjunction with the renown 56th Venice Biennale,  hARTslane presents the very first ‘Venice Pavilion in London’, exploring ‘nationality’ and its relevance in today’s globalisation of the art community.

Franko B - MILK + BLOOD

Franko B returns to Toynbee Studios to showcase his new solo performance.Set inside the atmospheric Court Room, a former juvenile court, Franko B faces the fragility of human existence through the metaphor of boxing.


Two screens of indie-under-groundpendent film shorts, workshops, Bar, BBQ, raffle and other surprises. Find the one place in London that will survive the apocalypse, the island of tomorrow that is CODY DOCK.

#Transacting: A Market of Values

This bustling pop-up market will feature artists, designers, civil-society groups, academics, ecologists, activists and other minds exploring existing structures of evaluation and producing desirable alternatives.

Peter Bobby: High-rise

High-rise examines the sociopolitical, architectural and visual discourse surrounding high-rise developments, exploring their relationship to the city below and the discourse surrounding notions of power within the contemporary urban landscape.

Where: The National Theatre, London, SE1
When: Mon 3 Jun - Sun 30 Jun 2013
Resolution 978 HD

Model Court investigate the spatial, aesthetic and geopolitical aspects of legal procedure. For this exhibition they focus, through film and installation, on a trial that was unique in its unprecedented use of so-called ‘telepresence’ technologies.

Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Fri 10 May - Sun 7 July 2013
\' is it towards the east?’

An exhibition making visible the personal and collective histories of the Boundary Estate, London’s first social housing project, and critically examining modes of self-organisation and the traces of Eastern European and Russian immigration in East End London.

Where: Calvert 22 Foundation, London, E2
When: Wed 1 May - Sun 2 Jun 2013
Capital - Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning, John Russell

Capital is dead labour which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks. The time during which the worker works is the time during which the capitalist consumes the labour-power he has bought from him.

Where: xero, kline & coma, London E2
When: Sat 4 May 2013 - Sun 26 May 2013
Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones!

Exhibition and artist-run workshop contemplating how drones are changing the way we see and relate to each other and the world around us.

Where: Furtherfield Gallery, London N4
When: Sat 11 - Sun 26 May 2013
Terminal: A Miracle Play with Popular Music from the End of the World
A film and live performance event by Pil and Galia Kollectiv, exploring the politics of post-apocalyptic fiction, recasting eschatology, or the study of the end of history, as a foundational myth for a future society.
Where: Rio Cinema, London E8
When: Fri 19 Apr 2013
Duval Timothy - MAHSIWEL
A solo exhibition of new artworks evoking questions about language and a suggested ethnic background inside familiar names and places, and referencing the large west-African population that exists in South-London.
Where: Lewisham Arthouse, London SE14
When: Fri 22 - Fri 29 Mar 2013
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz - The Black Cave
The artist's first UK solo, consisting of newly commissioned moving image works, focussing on the relationship between landscape, history and infrastructure in the artist’s home country of Puerto Rico.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Fri 22 Feb - Sun 21 Apr 2013
Tales from the Two Puddings
A poignant look back to a lost world of East End eccentrics, local villainy, punch ups and practical jokes, all now lying buried beneath the concrete blocks and sterile shopping centers of the 'new' Stratford.
Where: Bishopsgate Institute, London EC2M
When: Mon 7 Jan - Sun 31 Mar 2013
P21 Gallery Reading Group - The Word and the World

A monthly reading group on Literatures, Cultures and Histories of the Islamicate World - Convened by Karima Laachir and AbdoolKarim Vakil, with a different guest session leader each month.

Where: P21 Gallery, London NW1
When: Wed 30 Jan - Wed 19 Jun 2013
Parallel Horizons
A multi-disciplinary exhibition examining how bamboo has been appropriated in contexts of space, exploring cross-cultural interaction and linkages forged through material and spatial syntax.
Where: The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London SE10
When: Mon 21 Jan - Thu 28 Feb 2013
Now I Gotta Reason
An exhibition co-curated by Marcus Coates and Grizedale Arts that focuses on art production as a useful and productive activity, exploring the activity and economy of exhibition making and systems of use value and exchange.
Where: Jerwood Space, London SE1
When: Wed 7 Nov – Sun 9 Dec 2012
Adelita Husni-Bey
The first major UK solo exhibition by Libyan Italian artist Adelita Husni-Bey sets out to compare today's neo-liberal understanding of 'free school' with past and present models of self-run or anarchist education.
Where: Gasworks & Triangle Network, London. SE11
When: Fri 7 Dec 2012 - Sun 3 Feb 2012
Katia Barrett - Three Series
Beneath their repetition of materials and signs, and similarly laborious processes of materialisation, this trio of works share an underlying critical urgency and political dissatisfaction.
Where: xero, kline & coma, London E2
When: Sat 10 Nov 12 - Sun 2 Dec 12
A group exhibition that considers the idea of incompletion through the imagined and real spaces of architecture.
Where: CGP, London SE16
When: Wed 26 Sep - Sun 28 Oct 2012
The Individual and the Organisation
The first retrospective of pioneering artists' organisation Artist Placement Group, revisiting their interventions in to industry, government departments and large corporations through artist placements lasting up to several years.
Where: Raven Row, London E1
When: Thu 27 Sep - Sun 16 Dec 2012
Who is Ana Mendieta?
Launching Space Station Sixty-Five's new gallery space, Airlock, this exhibition showcases original drawings from a graphic novel which richly documents the tragically brief life of artist Ana Mendieta, her violent death and its aftermath.
Where: Space Station Sixty-Five, London SE11
When: Sat 22 Sep - Sun 4 Nov 2012
Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen - 343 Perspectives
A new film investigating themes of isolation and community from the multiple viewpoints of a residential area served by only one mode of public transport, the 343 bus.
Where: Peckham Space, London SE15
When: Tue 11 Sep - Sun 18 Nov 2012
RESISTENCIA: Focus on Latin America
A journey across Latin America today, through revealing documentaries and illuminating discussion, revealing the Latin America you don’t see on TV.
Where: Rich Mix, London E1
When: Sat 22 Sep 2012
PRECAST - A project by Dennis McNulty
An hour-long performative event set in the environs of a housing estate and concrete roundabout island in East London, exploring embodied knowledge in the context of the built environment.
Where: Poplar Business Park, 10 Preston’s Rd, London E14
When: 15 Sep - 7 Oct 2012
Clays Lane Live Archive - Adelita Husni-Bey
The culmination of a four-year long research project mapping the history of the Clays Lane housing co-operative, its founding in 1982 and its demolition in 2007 for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Where: Supplement, London E2
When: Wed 15 - Sun 19 Aug 2012
BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* + Q&A with Fredrik Gertten + Guests
A special screening of the 2011 documentary film directed by Fredrik Gertten, chronicling the events of 2009 when Gertten's film company was sued by Dole for the his critical documentary BANANAS!*
Where: Prince Charles Cinema, London WC2H
When: Tue 18 Sep 2012
Lana Lin plus two free events
Bringing together films, video and installation from the 1990s and early 2000s, Lin's solo exhibition speculates on the problems of translation across cultures, whether between the so-called East and West, or between our world and other worlds.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Thu 20 Sep - Sun 18 Nov 2012
F.Y.I. (For Your Information)
Three day exhibition and screening revisiting public information films and government-commissioned films from 1930s to the year 2000.
Where: Pump House Gallery, London SW11
When: Thu 30 Aug – Sat 1 Sep 2012
Natascha Sadr Haghighian
By exploring different ways to approach an issue and allowing for divergent ideas, Natascha Sadr Haghighian's works attempt to uncover and reclaim subjugated or alternative knowledge and devise a basis to induce political agency.
Where: Carroll / Fletcher, London W1W
When: Fri 20 July - Fri 14 Sep 2012
Better Books: Art, Anarchy & Apostasy
An archival exhibition including film, sound, installation and events presenting a portrait of the Better Books bookshop, a hub of the London avant-garde during the late 1950s and the 1960s.
Where: Flat Time House, London SE15
When: Thu 28 Jun - Sun 29 Jul 2012
The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images
Installation encompassing Eric Baudelaire's 2011 experimental documentary recounting the history of the Japanese Red Army (JRA) - a radical group that emerged from the 1968 Tokyo student movement.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Fri 11 May - Sun 22 July 2012
Inner World / Innen Welt - The Projects of Haus-Rucker-Co., 1967-1992
A comprehensive archival selection spanning Haus-Rucker-Co.'s 25-year collaboration, including designs for inflatable structures, prosthetic devices and interventions into public spaces as blueprints for social change and an experiential theory of architecture.
Where: WORK Gallery, London WC1X
When: Sat 23 Jun - Sat 1 Sep 2012
Linking the artificial world imagined in Michael Crichton's film Westworld and the context of Westfield Stratford, this group exhibition indulges in escapist fantasies of a perfect consumerist world where everybody is rich, healthy and eternally entertained...
Where: xero, kline & coma, London E2
When: Sun 29 Jul - Sun 19 Aug 2012
Politics of Amnesia
A group exhibition, curated by Fieldgate Gallery, that looks at past trauma through the conduit of technology, exploring the gaps in the seemingly infinite possibilities offered by our high-tech future.
Where: Cafe Gallery Projects, London SE16
When: Wed 13 jun - Sun 15 Jul 2012
Febrik: Play, I Follow You
Febrik, a collaborative platform for participatory art and design research, presents an exhibition which unravels the politics of the right to public space and explores relationships between invented, inherited and modified play practices.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Thu 17 May - Sun 22 Jul 2012
A group exhibition bringing together eight artists linked by their use of mapping in their varied practices concerned with social, political and cultural structures.
Where: Karin Janssen Project Space, London, E9
When: Fri 8 - Sun 17 Jun 2012
Invisible Forces
Responding to the privatisation of numerous aspects of life and society the artists and groups in this exhibition deal with conspiracy, money, politics, hidden signals and frustration fatigue.
Where: Furtherfield Gallery & Social Space, London, N4
When: Sat 16 Jun - Sat 11 Aug 2012
Auto Italia LIVE at the ICA - Double Dip Concession
Live TV episode produced by artists and broadcast online. The Episode will explore the possibility for TV to create new territories and realities in which to make work in a unique collective context.
Where: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, SW1Y
When: Broadcast live Sat 9 Jun 2012
A week-long residency, talk and exhibition investigating the controversial implications of the Anthropocene, the increasingly discussed new geological epoch defined by the influence of humanity's collective actions upon the planet.
Where: Banner Repeater, London E8
When: Thu 24 May - Sun 10 Jun 2012
Repeat Rewind Rephrase - Performance Programme
From sampling, quoting and referencing to re-staging and re-interpreting, this programme seeks to explore a diversity of acts of appropriation of performance practice.
Where: Latymer Projects, London W10
When: Fri 25 May - Fri 15 Jun 2012
Parts & Labour (3 Hours Minimum Wage)
An experiment devised by John Chilver and Brighid Lowe to reflect on the material conditions of art production, producing artworks in three hours at UK minimum wage.
Where: Camberwell Space, London SE5
When: Tue 1 - Sat 26 May 2012
The function of the oblique
Group show and programme of events taking inspiration from Virilio's "function of the oblique" as a tool to appropriate space in new ways and create instability or unexpected outputs.
Where: no format, London, SE18
When: Sat 14 - Sun 22 Apr 2012
Tate à Tate - Tate Soundscape Hijacked by Artists
A new series of artworks in the form of alternative audio guides commissioned by Platform, Art Not Oil and Liberate Tate in order to ask questions around Tate's relationship with controversial petroleum corporation BP.
Where: Tate galleries, London
When: Available to download now
Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992
A timely show dedicated to radical Slovenian art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst, tracing the impact of their work and the important role London played in the collective's activities.
Where: CHELSEA Space, London SW1P
When: Tue 22 Mar - Sat 21 Apr 2012
The Last Analog Revolution, a Memory Box
A project initiated by Stefan Constantinescu and Xandra Popescu, bringing together artists from former Eastern and Western Europe to reflect on the relationship between technological change, revolution, and political divide through walls and barriers.
Where: GALERIE8, London E8
When: Thu 5 Apr - Sun 20 May 2012
Suzanne Treister - HEXEN2.0/Literature
A series of drawings and screening programme as part of HEXEN2.0, an expansive cross-media investigation into the interwoven histories of government mass control systems, technological discovery and countercultural movements.
Where: WORK, London WC1X
When: Fri 16 Mar - Sat 12 May 2012
Capital Vol 1 and 2 reading groups
These (bi)weekly meetings are an opportunity for a thorough engagement with Marx's Capital not as an academic exercise but as an attempt to inform our understanding of the world we live in.
Where: The Red Lion, London N1
When: Meetings starting Mon 12 Mar 2012
Taking The Plunge
How Can Art, Religion, Politics And Law Prevent Runaway Climate Change? This discussion will look at which areas of influence might have the greatest effect. Feat Michael Pinsky, Dr Giles Fraser and Joe Hall.
Where: ICA, London SW1Y
When: Mon 27 Feb 2012
Barby Asante - The South London Black Music Archive
An open archive that aims to celebrate, preserve and investigate South Londoners' personal relationships with moments in black music history.
Where: Peckham Space, London SE15
When: Tue 17 Jan - Sat 24 Mar 2012
Deleuze & Guattari and Occupy
Is the rhizomic, nomadic and creative nature of Occupy DeleuzeoGuattarian? An afternoon of talks exploring the theories of Deleuze & Guattari in relation to the Occupy movement.
Where: Occupy LSX / School of Ideas, London EC1Y
When: Sat 25 Feb 2012
Sophie Carapetian - Art Labour Compendium
An on-going body of works that seeks to interrogate the relation between art and capital through reflections on labour and wage struggles within the arts economy.
Where: xero, kline & coma, London E2
When: Sat 3 - Sun 25 Mar 2012
Art, Performance & Activism in Contemporary Japan
Exhibition and programme of events featuring the work of artists/activists based in Japan, exploring differing strategies of intervention that seek to engage in contemporary debates and to change how we think and act.
Where: Pump House Gallery, London, SW11
When: Thu 19 Jan - Sun 26 Feb 2012
Critical Dictionary
Guest curated by David Evans, a group exhibition inspired by Georges Bataille’s infamous anti-dictionary for the dissident Surrealist journal "Documents".
Where: WORK, London WC1X
When: Fri 27 Jan - Sat 25 Feb 2012
Forthcoming Talks / Discussions at Whitechapel Gallery
A selection of talks and events exploring subjects such as education, capitalism, and the gallery as community, with speakers including Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism) and Andrew McGettigan, author of the Critical Education blog.
Where: Whitechapel Gallery, London E1
When: Feb - Mar 2012
Among Other Things
An exhibition which brings together four artists (Adam Chodzko, Andrew Dodds, Kelly Large, Nicoline van Harskamp) who engage with various material outcomes to address social and political notions of agency, (re-)assembly and futurity.
Where: Camberwell Space, London SE5
When: Tue 10 Jan - Fri 10 Feb 2012
Santiago Sierra In Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
The next in a series of free talks in which artists discuss their work and its broader content will feature Madrid-based artist Santiago Sierra who, since the mid-nineties, has been critically engaging with human repression and exploitation.
Where: Lisson Gallery, London, NW1
When: Tue 31 Jan 2012
Social Fabric
A group exhibition and screening programme which focuses on the textile industry and its relation to capital, labour, colonialism, international trade and radical politics.
Where: Iniva, London EC2A
When: Thu 19 Jan - Sat 10 Mar 2012
A group exhibition and related publication exploring the representation of place and space as threatened or threatening, and the anxiety generated by encounters with technologies of disappearance.
Where: Danielle Arnaud, London SE11
When: Fri 13 Jan - Sun 19 Feb 2012
Common Ground
The inaugural show of Latymer Projects presents works from four local and London based artists which question our relationship with history, the urban landscape and popular culture.
Where: Latymer Projects, London W10
When: Fri 20 Jan - Sun 18 Mar 2012
AAS - The Cult of Quatermass
Outside, the air is punctured by sirens as the 'Receivers' amass in public spaces to celebrate the eternal drone. Quatermass has disappeared. No one knows what has become of him.
Where: xero, kline & coma, London E2 7SJ
When: Sat 21 Jan - Sun 12 Feb 2012
Being Seen, Being Heard
Part of the SACRED season of performance, this one-day symposium brings together traditional scholarly presentations with artistic interventions and innovatively structured discussions.
Where: Chelsea Theatre, London SW10
When: Sun 27 Nov 2011
Bodies Assembling
Auto Italia in collaboration with Cinenova, Europe's only women's film distributor, present a series of screenings and workshops featuring moving image work selected by invited artists and activists.
Where: Auto Italia South East, London, SE1
When: Thu 3 - Fri 11 Dec 2011
A collection of contemporary artists manifestos and tragi-comedy of baroque minimalist clownery, celebrating the stupidity of declaring your intentions to the world with the hope of changing it.
Where: Banner Repeater, London E8
When: Sat 12 - Sun 27 Nov 2011
Ruth Beale, Una Knox - Oh, Zero, One
Artists Ruth Beale and Una Knox reveal the systems by which we collectively perceive, store and access bodies of knowledge, whilst raising specific questions about society's relationship with culture.
Where: Cell Project Space, London E2
When: Fri 18 Nov - Sun 18 Dec 2011
Tent City University Drawing Class - Documents of Hope and Resistance
Call for artists and non-artists interested in documenting and responding to Occupy the London Stock Exchange (LSX) and the wider Occupy movement.
Where: Tent City University, OccupyLSX, London EC4M
When: Sun 20 Nov 2011
Emma Hart - TO DO
A new work calling on the potential for a camera to precipitate an event, and not simply record it. Developing previous live works into a sculptural video installation that performs itself, Hart requests the audience to do likewise: to step up, instead of hanging back in contemplation.
Where: Matt's Gallery, London E3
When: Wed 28 Sep - Sun 20 Nov 2011
Sonia Boyce - Network
A new film commission in collaboration with four young women from South East London and oral historian Verusca Calabria, exploring the inter-connected micro-communities public/private space boundaries of social communication networks.
Where: Peckham Space, London SE15
When: Tue 13 Sep - Wed 19 Nov 2011
South London Gallery - two parallel exhibitions
Independent Curators International (ICI) and Mexican artist, Gabriel Kuri present new works and curatorial projects running alongside one another, taking a variety of formats and occupying a number different spaces throughout SLG.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Wed 21 Sep - Sun 27 Nov 2011
Step Across this Line
Curated by independent art critic and curator Deeksha Nath, this exhibition features the work of contemporary artists from three countries of South Asia, exploring their colonial past, modern history and current 'post-national' identities.
Where: Asia House, London W1G
When: Mon 10 - Sat 22 Oct 2011
Oliver Laric - Diamond Grill
Drawing on Fed Wah's writing on the new combinations opened up by the use of the hyphen, this exhibition presents a series of works based around ideas of authenticity, hybrids, bootlegging and piracy.
Where: Seventeen Gallery, London, E2
When: Wed 12 Oct - Sat 12 Nov 2011
Harriet Hill and Jenny Steele - MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY
A 2 person exhibition exploring the in-habitation and use of space within the built environment of the Hatch Space and the trading estate in which it is situated, recording and reflecting on the wider activity in these heterogeneous spaces and communities.
Where: Hatch Space, London SE8
When: Wed 19 � Sat 29 Oct 2011
All I Can See is the Management
An exhibition and programme of events that looks at the pervasiveness of managerial culture from the late 1970s to today, bringing together historical and contemporary artworks that consider how late capitalist approaches to working life play out at work, in education and at home.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Fri 7 Oct – Sun 11 Dec 2011
Join us as we bray at the feral underclass and rejoice in the free market, in an evening of arch-capitalism and self-interest. Social event to mark the end of FAREWELL STATE, a week of discussion, spontaneous action and explorations into the neoliberal frontiers of the city.
Where: Silwex House, London E1
When: Wed 7 Sep 2011
The Edge of Luxury / Form and Actuality
Inspired in part by theories of decline, repetition and nomenclature, The Edge of Luxury, Form and Actuality interrogates the variable symbolic orders that manifest our socializing principles.
Where: Fold Gallery, London E8
When: Fri 2 Sep – Sun 2 Oct 2011
We have our own concept of Time and Motion
A four day event devoted to the idea and practice of self-organisation from the perspective of an artist-run space, a potentially neo-liberal framework which could be complicit in the growing precarity of all labour.
Where: Auto Italia South East, London, SE1
When: Thu 25 – Sun 28 Aug 2011
Nation of Shopkeepers
Collective Garudio Studiage's interactive illustration exhibition invites the public to engage with Peckham's Rye Lane, it's architecture, and it's potential.
Where: Peckham Space, London SE15
When: Tue 2 - Sat 27 Aug 2011
A mini–festival celebrating D.I.Y. cultures, collective action, creativity and can–do: past, present and future.
Where: Rich Mix, London E1
When: Sat 6 - Sun 7 Aug 2011
Ever Changing Moods - Performance and Sculpture
A continually changing exhibition featuring sculpture and performance made in and out of collaboration and in consultation with a wide variety of contributing artists, with an accompanying programme of critical discussion.
Where: Auto Italia, London SE1
When: Sat 18 Jun - Sun 31 Jul 2011
Tue Greenfort - Where the People Will Go
New and existing works by the Danish artist respond to the gallery's history and architecture, its changing role within its local context and its relationship with neighbouring Sceaux Gardens housing estate.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Fri 15 Jul - Sun 11 Sep 2011
The London Eyes
An alternative audio tour of central London, through the eyes of artists and CCTV operators, which lasts for one rotation of the EDF Energy London Eye.
Where: On-line / The London Eye
When: Available to download now
Leave those kids alone! Teaching, learning and resistance through art
An afternoon of workshops, discussions and presentations that aims to interpret, critique and reflect on connections between education, art practice and the contemporary political sphere.
Where: The Showroom, London NW8
When: Sat 2 July 2011
Parasol Public: Walk the Line
Kate Gilmore's new sculptural work in the financial district of the City of London will consist of a structure the size of a typical office cubicle upon which teams of eight women will walk continuously for nine hours a day.
Where: Exchange Square, London EC2M
When: Mon 6 - Fri 10 June, 2011
Metropotamia - Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas
An installation of objects and fragmented architectural proposals that reference a legacy of unrealised utopias and cast-off concepts, configuring the gallery as both building site and post-studio burial ground.
Where: Hilary Crisp, London, E1
When: Wed 11 May - Sat 18 Jun 2011
Slipstream - David Cotterrell
Slipstream is a specially commissioned film which maps social, geographical and personal histories of North Peckham through an investigation of the area's changing landscape.
Where: Peckham Space, London SE15
When: Sat 28 May - Sat 30 July 2011
Philippe Vermès in conversation with Johan Kugelberg
Event to mark the publication of a new book about the visual legacy of May 1968 and the remarkable posters of the Atelier Populaire, produced to encourage the students and strikers who clashed with the government and the police.
Where: Raven Row, London E1
When: Thu 26 May 2011, 6pm
Free @rt Sch001 and the Monstro(c)ity
A weekend of un-schooling for children of all ages, exploring play and politics through creative writing, storytelling, puppetry and monster-making, and culminating in a potluck discussion on the monstrous state of education.
Where: GALERIE8, London E8
When: Sat 4 - Sun 5 Jun 2011
Rules of the Game: Value and Money
AUGUST art is pleased to host a series of talks exploring price, money and value, given by specialists but aimed at non-specialists who are interested in understanding our economic valuation system more critically.
Where: AUGUST Art, London N1
When: Fri 13 May 2011
Possible Damage // The People are Demanding
Two exhibitions running in tandem: the first solo exhibition in the UK by Lebanese artist Rabih Mroué and an exhibition and archive of student protest presented by the Inivators and Tania El Khoury.
Where: Iniva, London EC2A
When: Wed 23 Mar – Sat 14 May 2011
A Brief History of Privatisation
Ellie Harrison's first London solo show features a major new installation in which electric massage chairs re-enact changes in public service policy over the last century, alongside previous works made in response to the global financial crisis.
Where: Watermans, London TW8
When: Sat 12 Mar – Mon 2 May 2011
Research seminar series bringing together practitioners and theorists of forms of organisation that eschew hierarchical modes of division of labour as part of a critique of the imposition of work and productivity for profit.
Where: Lock Keepers Cottage, Queen Mary University, London E1
When: Mar - May 2011
Foreword to Guns for Banta
The first UK solo exhibition by Paris-based artist Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, examining the power of images in the construction and understanding of the revolutionary movements pushing for the decolonisation of Africa.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Sat 26 Feb - Sun 17 Apr 2011
Dirty Literature
Bringing artists and writers together to explore the boundaries of narative through performative and spoken word events Dirty Literature will begin with contributions from Tim Etchells and Tony White.
Where: National Portrait Gallery, London WC2H
When: Monthly events take place Thu 17 Mar – Thu 16 Jun 2011
Practice For Everyday Life
New work from a selection of emerging artists from Russia, aiming to convey a vivid sense of current artistic practice in Russia and introduce a new generation of artists and perspectives to the UK.
Where: Calvert22, London E2
When: Wed 23 Mar – Sun 29 May 2011
Access All Areas
A two-day public programme reflecting the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have problematicised issues of disability in innovative and radical ways.
Where: Club Row Gallery, Rochelle School, London E2
When: Fri 4 - Sat 5 Mar 2011
Charlie Tweed - Notes I,II & III
The Notes series of videos interrogates complex systems of control that utilise the language of fear in an attempt to manage all forms of life.
Where: Alma Enterprises, London SE1
When: Sat 26 Feb – Sun 27 Mar 2011
Erik van Lieshout - How can I help you?
A film documenting van Lieshout's attempts to (re)connect with a Rotterdam neighbourhood - using a temporary 'shop' as a base from which to engage in conversation about roots, regeneration, consumerism, and the rise of the Dutch Right Wing.
Where: Hayward Gallery Project Space, London SE1
When: Wed 12 Jan – Sun 27 Feb 2011
The University for Strategic Optimism
A university based on the principle of free and open education, a return of politics to the public, and the politicisation of public space.
Where: Goldsmiths College, London SE14
When: Events taking place weekly
Il Trasloco - Moving out of the Future
Independent film screening marking the launch of a programme of events, discussions, group meetings, workshops and screenings which investigate alternative methods of community, collaboration and communion in both art and non-art contexts.
Where: Auto Italia South East, London SE15
When: Sat 26 Jun 2010
Two full days of art, activity and performance featuring 40 artists, scientists, activists and thinkers crossing borders and disciplines to interrogate multiple perspectives of distance.
Where: Stoke Newington International Airport, London, N16
When: Sat 19 – Sun 20 Jun 2010
Romanian Pavilion
An exhibition featuring five Romanian video artists whose works examine Ceausescu’s failed utopian social experiments and subsequent dehumanizing conditions, with an emphasis on the reality of the built environment and private life in Romania.
Where: HotShoe Gallery, London EC1N 8SW
When: Sat 15 May – Fri 18 June 2010.
I Want to See / Struggle in Jerash
Gasworks presents two feature-length films which lay strong emphasis on the potential of cinema to create new ways of confronting the past and negotiating the present in the context of the Middle East.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Continues until Sun 30 May 2010
TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it
Artists EA Byrne and Jamie Lau's collaborative project explores the codification of anxiety and fear in our society and the need to prepare ourselves for an undetermined but cataclysmic event in the near future.
Where: Fold Gallery, London E8
When: Fri 14 May - Sun 13 Jun 2010
Away Day - Installations and performance in South London Parks
Sixteen new site-specific artworks transform south London parks, accosting visitors with imagined alternative realities and new mappings of the park spaces.
Where: Wandle Park, London SW19
When: Sat 29 - Mon 31 May 2010
Sumi Ink Club / Lucky Dragons
An event exploring communal art production which favours non-hierarchical systems of organisation and the importance of art events to provide a meeting point for physical contact and exchange.
Where: Auto Italia South East, London SE15
When: Sat 13 Mar 2010
X Street
A performance by réaltympanica, taking the public on a live journey through a neighbourhood in stand-by. The project focuses on the social and sound landscape and lifestyle implications of the 2012 Olympic Games reconstruction plans in the Hackney area, East London.
Where: Hackney Wick, London E9
When: Tue 9 - Sun 14 Feb 2010, daily at 8pm
Journeys With No Return
Twelve artists from Germany, Great Britain and Turkey uncover themes around Turkish migration over the last 50 years, exploring archive images, cultural stereotypes and information systems.
Where: A Foundation, London E2
When: Thu 18 Feb – Sun 14 Mar 2010
Different Culture Photos - Roma London
A collaboration between 10 teenage Roma women, photographer Manuela Zanotti and The Children’s Society, Roma London documents the complex transition from Eastern European segregation to attempted British multiculturalism.
Where: Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London E3
When: Thu 11 - Fri 19 Feb 2010
Tim Etchells' first solo exhibition in London features two new works which record his explorations in to different discourses and cultural frames and explores the potential for communication and miscommunication between them.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Fri 5 Feb – Sun 28 Mar 2010
Anthony McCorry - Things as they ought to be
An exhibition of works developed in response to and in collaboration with the residents of the Golden Lane estate in East London, made suring a six month residency on the estate.
Where: EXHIBIT at Golden Lane Estate, London EC1M
When: Fri 22 Jan – Fri 19 Feb 2010
Trident Way 2 - The Southall Project
25 artists exhibit new work made during and in response to a communal, month-long site-specific residency in a 35,000sqft industrial warehouse in Southall’s busy International Trading Estate.
Where: 8 Trident Way, Southall, Middlessex
When: Fri 11 - Fri 18 Dec 2009
Do It With Others at the Dark Mountain
A cultural collaboration for an age of global disruption, aiming to question the stories that underpin our failing civilisation, to craft new ones for the age ahead and to write clearly and honestly about our true place in the world.
Where: HTTP Gallery, London N4
When: Fri 4 - Sat 12 Dec 2009, re-opening Fri 8 - Sat 30 Jan 2010
MTB [Military Training Base]
Artist Suzanne Treister will transform Alma Enterprises into a temporary showroom, presenting ideas for the hypothetical military training base of the future.
Where: Alma Enterprises, London SE1
When: Fri 13 Nov - Sun 13 Dec 2009
The Novel of Nonel and Vovel
A one-off programme of screenings, performances, presentations and discussion to launch Oreet Ashery & Larissa Sansour's new novel which examines critical strategies of resistance to the occupation of Palestine.
Where: Tate Modern, London SE1
When: Wed 25 Nov 2009
Scare in the Community
An exhibition of artworks by contemporary artists and mental health service users, exploring ideas of institutional ennui, social norms and the implications of the closure of asylums over the past decades.
Where: Core Arts, London E9
When: Sat 24 Oct 2009, 6-9pm
Borderline Project
A season of projects questioning how emerging European artists and designers are engaging with ideas around borders, nationhood, alternative methods of social organisation and collaboration.
Where: Chelsea College of Art & Design and TATE Britain, London SW1P
When: Various events Fri 16 - Sun 25 Oct 2009
Three curators present fictional guided tours of Auto-Italia which will remain permanently available to visitors as three alternatives to the exhibition on show.
Where: Auto-Italia South East, London SE15
When: Launches Sat 17 Oct 2009
The Peckham Experiment
A series of events and interventions exploring ideas and methodologies relating to the Peckham Experiment (1926 -1950), a groundbreaking health centre focussing on wellness rather than the later disease model of the NHS.
Where: Venues in Peckham, Camberwell and East Dulwich, SE London
When: Mon 28 Sep - Sat 7 Nov 2009
MAKING A LIVING - Artistic Survival in 2009
Turn up and pitch in! A chance to share different approaches and ideas to sustain critical art practices before, during and after the recession.
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum, London SW7
When: Sat 26 Sep 2009
Information Wants to be Free
‘Information Wants to be Free’ is a statement, a provocation and an invitation for discussion taking as its point of departure the abundance of free magazines available in London’s public sphere.
Where: Platform One Gallery, London SW12
When: Wed 16 Sep – Sat 3 Oct 2009
Omer Fast - Nostalgia
European refugees seek asylum in Africa in a post-apocalyptic vision of displacement, loss, and power, taking contemporary issues as a point of departure and meshing narrative, documentary and dramatic content.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Wed 7 Oct – Sun 6 Dec 2009
Class Wargames presents The Game of War Weekend
A weekend of activities centred around the situationist Game of War - come and learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of the spectacular society!
Where: HTTP Gallery, London N4
When: Sat 26 - Sun 27 Sep 2009
Gustav Metzger - Decades 1959–2009
A major exhibition of work by the influential artist and activist, examining his life-long exploration of politics, ecology and the destructive powers of 20th-century society.
Where: The Serpentine Gallery, London W2
When: Tue 29 Sep - Sun 8 Nov 2009
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler - The Museum of Non Participation
A project which aims to interrogate the western media representation of Pakistan as a rogue nuclear state suffering from conflict, extremism, natural disaster and sporadic martial law, and seeks to discover the patterns and realities of everyday life to find other voices.
Where: Behind the Barbers: Yaseen Hairdressers, London E2
When: Fri 25 Sep - 25 Oct 2009
Deimantas Narkevicius
The Lithuanian artist has been commissioned to create a new work based on the BFI National Archive's ETV Collection of socialist propaganda films, the largest of its kind surviving in Western Europe.
Where: BFI Southbank, London SE1
When: Thu 1 Oct - Sun 29 Nov 2009
Latitude Photograpers - I always knew you'd come back
A collaborative installation, produced in response to the relationship between cinema and photography and investigating the notion of the cinematic cliché, involving audience interaction to create an evolving storyboard.
Where: Swanfield Yard, London E2
When: Fri 2 – Wed 7 Oct 2009
Subversive Correspondence #2
A selection of national and international artists and writers explore notions of connectivity, correspondence and dialogue through various subversive perspectives.
Where: The Gallery at Willesden Green, London NW10
When: Tue 18 Aug – Thu 3 Sep 2009
Combining human geographic and artistic research, in/flux explores everyday experience as a catalyst for critical/creative practice, bringing together 12 artists living and working in the borough of Hackney.
Where: 80 Kingsland Road, London E2
When: Thu 3 - Sun 13 Sep 2009
The Museum of the People
This unique museum invites spectators to participate in the creation of contemporary legacies and contribute their own record of contemporary events for posterity.
Where: Utrophia Project Space, London SE8
When: Fri 17 - Fri 31 Jul 2009
MENU at the Savoy Cafe
A one-off site-specific event with work by twenty artists delivered to seated exhibition visitors upon their request in a 1930s East London cafe.
Where: The Savoy Cafe, London E8
When: Sat 1 Aug 2009
Richard John Jones - Pro-soh’pa-peer
A one-off live event and resulting video installation exploring specific queer approaches to libidinal politics and bipartisan notions of contemporary radicality and protest.
Where: Auto Italia, London SE15 and SPACE, London E8
When: Part 1: Sat 1 - Sun 9 Aug, Part 2: Fri 4 Sep - Sat 17 Oct 2009
An afternoon event in Kennington Park, London that considers notions of ‘publicness’ through a barcamp structure comprised of short presentations and lively discussion.
Where: Kennington Park, London SE11
When: Sun 5 Jul 2009
Team Lump Collective - DIY RAPTURE
Whilst collectives are perceived as belonging to a more democratic strategy within artistic activity, Team Lump turn this on its head, giving individual decision-making power over to the leadership of 'one'.
Where: Cell Project Space, London E2
When: Sat 4 Jul - Sun 2 Aug 2009
Dreams of Progress
In these days of economical, environmental and sometimes ideological uncertainties, the exhibition 'Dreams of Progress' takes a look back at our previous visions of the future, how they materialized and the way that they relate to the dreams we nourish today.
Where: Westminster Reference Library, WC2H
When: Mon 6 - Sat 18 Jul 2009
Amy Sharrocks - WALBROOK
The Walbrook River has been lost for over 5 centuries. Through this public walk the river (one of London’s oldest) will be recreated by a thronging crowd of people.
Where: Highbury & Islington Underground Station, London, N5
When: Fri 19 Jun 2009
Parades and Processions: Here comes everybody
Work by twelve international artists addressing issues of history, culture, identity and politics through responses to the increasing phenomenon of ‘parades’ and ‘processions’.
Where: Parasol Unit foundation for contemporary art, London N1
When: Thu 28 May – Fri 24 July 2009
Labour Practices: Ethics of Service and Ideas of Labour in Performance
An event exploring ways in which artists use ideas of service and labour as creative strategies, and consider the ethics of recruiting the labour of others in works of art.
Where: Pinter Studio, London E1
When: Fri 19 Jun 2009
Two Degrees
A week long programme of work by radical and politically engaged artists about climate change and our relationship with the environment.
Where: Toynbee Studios, London E1
When: Tue 16 – Sun 21 Jun 2009
Open Gallery: REFRAMED
A unique exhibition bringing together self-taught artists from homeless, addiction and offending backgrounds and conceptual artists practising within a contemporary and highly critical framework.
Where: Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London SE10
When: Thu 11 Jun - Fri 19 Jun 2009
Artistas de Vangardia and Bik Van der Pol
The first major UK presentation of the works of these two collectives brings together an archive of photographs, manifestos, reports and documentation of their activities.
Where: Pump House Gallery, London SW11
When: Wed 27 May - Sun 19 Jul 2009
Capitalists Anonymous Meeting
Are you in the early stages of a post capitalist hangover? Or do you intend to ride that globalised juggernaut until it hits the wall? Whatever your views we want to hear from you.
Where: The City of London - location TBC
When: Wed 17, Thu 18 or Fri 19 June 2009
Revising/Revisiting the Avant-Garde
A one-day symposium proposing a critical re-engagement with the theory, histories and politics of the avant-garde.
Where: Kingston University: Visual and Material Culture Research Centre, London SW15
When: Fri 3 Jul 2009
Feral Trade Café - Kate Rich
An exhibition that is also a working café, serving food and drink traded over social networks, and providing a setting from which to contemplate broader climatic and economic change, where conventional supply chains (for food delivery and cultural funding) could go belly up.
Where: HTTP Gallery, London N4
When: Sat 13 June – Sun 2 Aug 2009
Limitations Permitted - Manu Luksch, Neal White and FLIX
A temporary intervention that encourages people to think about civil liberties in a densely populated urban area that, like so many others, is now colonised by surveillance technology.
Where: Peckham Square, London, SE15
When: Sun 21-Sun 28 Jun 2009
Performing Localities - Recent Guatemalan Performance Art on Video
A two day event investigating the complex and contradictory relationships between indigenous traditions, patriarchal systems and corporate globalisation.
Where: Iniva, London EC2A
When: Tue 5 and Wed 6 May 2009
Chelsea Conversations
Chelsea Conversations is back for a new season of lively discussion and heated debate. This season’s focus is on exploring intersections between art and politics.
Where: Chelsea College of Art & Design, London SW1P
When: 5, 12 and 29 May 2009 and online
THE LIVE! SHOW, Jaime Davidovich
A television variety show of the avant-garde - hosted by real and invented personalities and jam packed with interviews, vox pops, home-shopping segments, art performances, live call-ins, art lessons and 'much more'.
Where: SEVENTEEN, London E2
When: Wed 29 Apr - Sat 23 May 2009
Designs on a Utopia
Hoping to re-address everyday architectural features in a new light, artist Richard Cramp questions what they stand for and the narrative possibilities that lie within their use.
Where: Gallery Primo Alonso, London E2
When: Fri 1 May - Sun 28 Jun 2009
Exploring the changes taking place in global urban environments that are experienced in similar ways regardless of culture and destination as they are constantly replaced, reinvented and re-arranged.
Where: noplaceprojects, London E8
When: Thu 18 - Sun 21 Jun 2009
Benjamin Thomas - Yallah
As part of a new ongoing project, Auto-Italia is inviting artists to produce work for the outside of the building, changing or accumulating every month in parallel to the programme happening inside.
Where: Auto-Italia South East, London SE15
When: Ongoing
Spill: Overspill
A tailor-made critical writing programme located at the heart of the Spill festival and exploring the event of criticism in relation to performance.
Where: On-line and at the Spill Festival in London
When: Thu 2 - Sun 26 Apr 2009
Skart - On the Origin of Wishes
Belgrade-based art activist group Škart present their first UK retrospective, covering more than 20 years of socially engaged work, heavily influenced by the tumultuous political and social history of former Yugoslavia.
Where: [ space ], London E8
When: Sat 4 Apr - Fri 22 May 2009
Mike Harte and Jamie Shovlin - Bourbon Joy
Occupying the basement exhibition space of SEVENTEEN for seven evenings leading up to the opening night of the exhibition, Mike Harte and Jamie Shovlin will drink their way through seven different branded bottles of bourbon...
Where: SEVENTEEN, London E2
When: Wed 18 Mar - Sat 25 Apr 2009
Auto Italia says YES WAY!
Record label collective Upset the Rhythm challenges Auto Italia resident artists to respond to a curatorial approach that amalgamates grass roots artists and musicians and their audiences, creating a context in which to develop alternatives.
Where: auto-italia south east, London, SE15
When: Sat 28 - Sun 29 Mar 2009
The Way Out
15mm Films, a collective of disability artists, enters the world of the politically incorrect as a dysfunctional, imploding gang of ‘disability terrorists’ in the missing film of the revolutionary that didn't happen.
Where: Beaconsfield, London SE11
When: Wed 25 Mar – Sun 14 Jun 2009
Art and the brain - the evolving story
What evolutionary changes in brain structure and brain function have allowed art to emerge and pervade human culture? This event will ask questions about the relationship between art, the human mind and brain functions.
Where: The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, W1S
When: Tue 17 Mar 2009
Mobile Conference
A playful tour of artist projects in South London, which aims to provoke responses on the relationship between play, democracy and contemporary art, as a peripheral ‘fringe’ event to the Tate Triennial 2009.
Where: Various locations, South London
When: Sun 15 Mar 2009
Flatscreen At Beaconsfield - Courage to Refuse
A recent video commission reflecting the common artistic and humanitarian concerns of four artists working collaboratively in exploration of the Courage to Refuse Movement in Israel.
Where: Beaconsfield, London SE11
When: Continues until Sun 15 Mar 2009
Sean Snyder - Index
Drawing on documentary material from the Cold War to the present day, Snyder's works explore and subvert the narratives of propaganda, and the staging and manipulation of images in the era of consumer digital imaging.
Where: ICA, London SW1Y
When: Continues until Sun 19 Apr 2009
Freee - Advertising For All; Or For Nobody At All; Reclaim Public Opinion
An ICA-commissioned billboard poster that calls for advertising to be employed by everyone in order to affect and change public opinion.
Where: The ICA cafe/bar, London SW1Y
When: Wed 11 Feb 2009 onwards
the tunnel
A performative installation exploring the mythology of the underworld, spaces beneath cities and the hold these have on our imagination.
Where: Greenwich, London SE10
When: Feb - Mar 2009
Community: Photographs of the Elephant and Castle
An exhibition and book by students from MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, responding to regeneration in the 'lost quarter' of London.
Where: The Cuming Museum, London SE17
When: Continues until Tue 17 Mar 2009
Laura Oldfield Ford - London 2013, Drifting Through The Ruins
More than one hundred ink drawings that form part of an ongoing project chronicling the impact of regeneration on London. The drawings form a broken narrative, focusing on part of east London currently being cleared for the 2012 Olympic site.
Where: Hales Gallery, London E1
When: Fri 30 Jan – Sat 14 Mar 2009
Godfried Donkor - Story of a London Township
Newly commissioned hand built shelters that suggest communal living with its roots in ancient African culture address our relationship with rudimentary architectural forms in relation to their implied gallery contexts.
Where: [ s p a c e ] London E8
When: Sat 17 Jan – Sat 14 Mar 2009
From Kabul to Kandahar - 1833 to 1933
Rare photographs and documentary materials revealing the unique and largely undocumented history of Afghanistan and the British presence there, accompanied by contemporary commentary from members of London based Afghani groups.
Where: Royal Geographical Society, London SW7
When: Continues until Thu 26 Feb 2009
David Cotterrell: Aesthetic Distance
A body of photographic and video work focussing on David Cotterrell’s experience of Operation Herrick 7 and the aftermath, observing the Joint Forces Medical Group at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Where: Danielle Arnaud contemporary art, London SE11
When: Fri 9 Jan - Sun 15 Feb 2009
Superflex: Flooded McDonald's
New film work by Danish collective Superflex hinting at the consumer-driven power and influence, but also impotence, of large multinationals in the face of climate change.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Fri 16 Jan - Sun 1 Mar 2009
Taking Liberties
Exhibition and series of talks and events exploring the struggle for Britain's freedoms and rights, uncovering the roots of British democracy over a period of more than 900 years.
Where: PACCAR Gallery, British Library, London, NW1
When: Continues until Sun 1 Mar 2009
4-FER: A new performance by Maria Pask
Pask's first solo presentation in the UK since a major commission for Skulptur Projekte Muenster 2007 takes the form of a pilot episode for a soap opera, based around the residents of a mobile community.
Where: Studio Voltaire, London SW4
When: Sat 15 Nov 2008
Signs of Life (Part 2: London)
Temporary installations and performances around Colliers Wood. The second leg of Final Intervention's first project, a recently formed UK-wide network of artists and curators interested in exploring overlooked and derelict spaces.
Where: Around Colliers Wood, London, SW19
When: Sat 15 & Sun 16 Nov 2008
EPISODE - Pleasure and Persuasion in Lens-based Media
A one-day conference seeking to put forth new dialogues, strategies and propositions to explore what is now at stake for a politics of the mediated image.
Where: TATE Britain, London SW1P
When: Fri 28 Nov 2008
NUCLEAR: Art & Radioactivity
Nuclear power is re-emerging as a concern for our times, both as a generator of energy and as part of a defence strategy. The exhibition NUCLEAR: Art & Radioactivity explores these intricacies through two new commissioned works.
Where: Nicholls and Clarke Building, London E1
When: Thu 13 Nov - Sun 30 Nov 2008
Carey Young - Mutual Release
Can the legal contract be a form of art? Working closely with a team of lawyers specialising in media and intellectual property law, Carey Young has created a series of new works which invite the viewer to enter into, or be privy to contractual relationships.
Where: Thomas Dane Project Space, London SW1
When: Thu 20 Nov – Mon 15 Dec 2008
How Large The World Is In The Light Of Lamps
An exhibition by Kazimierz Jankowski & Louise Weiss that uses all the public spaces of the Curzon Soho cinema and comprises a series of context-specific new works.
Where: Curzon Soho Cinema, London W1D 5DY
When: Continues until Sat 6 Dec 2008
David Ersser - Self Storage
From the exterior there are few clues to the contents of Ersser's exhibition at SEVENTEEN, as the windows are barred and the main space is sealed off by a half lowered roller shutter that bisects the gallery...
Where: SEVENTEEN, London E2
When: Wed 29 Oct - Sat 29 Nov 2008
Free at the Point of Interest
Screening and workshop discussion looking at the discreet social rules that govern the cultural arena, what purpose they serve and the possibilities and implications of change.
Where: LUX 28, London E8
When: Sun 2 Nov 2008
The Little Artists
The collaborative duo continue their playful exploration of the status of artist as brand and artwork as merchandise, using a body of research on Martin Kippenberger as a point of departure.
Where: Another Roadside Attraction Gallery, London E8
When: Sat 6 Sep - Sun 12 Oct 2008
Susan Collis - SWEAT
Seventeen Gallery will be transformed in to a space for intense labour as a team of workers pour intensively over the hand production of ordinarily industrially manufactured laundry bags.
Where: SEVENTEEN Gallery, London E2
When: Wed 10 Sep - Sat 18 Oct 2008
Hamja Ahsan - FAMILY TIME
An exploration of different cultural systems of indexing time – work/ leisure, rural/urban time, religious/secular time, waiting, decay and ageing.
Where: The Departure, London E14
When: Fri 22 Aug - Fri 12 Sep 2008
Peckham Street Training
Events exploring notions of play, behaviour, social norms and participation in the public realm, the built environment and within contemporary art.
Where: Peckham, London SE5/SE15
When: Thu 4 and Sat 20 Sept 2008
Crime & Punishment
Group exhibition, series of talks, performances, screenings and tours featuring a number of international artists, curated by Predrag Pajdic.
Where: 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, Brixton, London SE24
When: Thu 4 Sep - Fri 10 Oct 2008
John Frankland - BOULDER
An ambitious public realm sculpture project will mark the completion of the regeneration of Shoreditch Park with the arrival of two 100 tonne pieces of solid granite.
Where: Shoreditch Park, London N1
When: Thu 14 Aug - Sat 11 Oct 2008
A History of Two Mountains/ One the Original/ Two a Copy/ Both Equally Heavy II
An exhibition of copies of artworks, where, due to the simple or gestural nature of the work, copies can be made that are ostensibly equal to the originals.
Where: auto-italia south east, London SE15
When: Thu 24 Jul – Sun 3 Aug 2008
Susan Hiller - The Last Silent Movie
Video programme opening the unvisited, silent archives of extinct and endangered languages to create a composition of voices that are not silent.
Where: Matt's Gallery, London E3
When: 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27 Jul 2008
Carny Town - A Space Station Sixty-Five exhibition
Summer’s here and Space Station Sixty-Five has wander lust. We're packing up our booths and sideshows and heading east.
Where: The Portman Gallery, London, E2
When: Thu 10 - Sat 19 Jul 2008
Games & Theory
Taking its cue from Situationist ideologies, Games & Theory explores the radical potential of play as a form of resistance and expression of freedom.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Fri 11 Jul - Sun 7 Sep 2008
Group show that explores different contemporary agendas for past perspectives on the future, re-examining particular utopian/dystopian belief structures or schemes with the benefit of hindsight.
Where: Cafe Gallery Projects, London SE16
When: Wed 25 Jun – Sun 27 Jul 2008
At Table - Ann-Marie LeQuesne with Muriel Louveau
At Table is a series of live performances involving members of the public in the making of an artwork over the course of a day.
Where: The Crypt at St. Etheldreda’s, London, EC1N
When: Sat 28 Jun 2008
The Psychology of Fear by Maria Kheirkhah
Iranian artist Maria Kheirkhah confronts the rise of fear in modern society resulting from the British government and media's joint obsession with terrorism and its prevention.
Where: 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London SE24
When: Fri 13 Jun - Fri 15 Aug 2008
Where: Five Years, London E8
When: Continues until Sun 22 Jun 2008
Bad Year Blimp
A presentation of film, video, and newly commissioned performative works, including a special performance by Belgian Fluxus artist Ludo Mich and a weekend inhabitation of the space by Matthew Stone.
Where: Alma Enterprises, London E2
When: Continues until Sun 6 Jul 2008
Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast - Layla Curtis
Using heat-seeking cameras, Curtis has filmed ‘traceurs’ (Parkour practitioners), recording their unorthodox movements and alternative routes through the city landscape.
Where: Chelsea Future Space, London SW1W
When: Wed 4 Jun - Sun 21 Sep 2008
Parallel Voices 2008
The celebrated British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien has invited a group of pre-eminent artists (including the acclaimed Yvonne Rainer) and curators to discuss the intersection of visual arts and performance.
Where: Siobhan Davis Studio, London, SE1
When: Fri 13 Jun, 4 Jul & 25 Jul 2008
Conflicting Tendencies - Gregg Bordowitz
A week-long presentation of the work of artist and activist Gregg Bordowitz to launch Lux 28, a new temporary exhibition space which will present a year-long investigation into how artists’ films and videos are made, discussed and collected.
Where: LUX 28, London E8
When: Wed 28 - Sat 31 May 2008
CAPTIVATED - The Art of the Interned
Cageprisoners and Together: working for well being are hosting a unique art exhibition, comprising the works of men detained without trial in the UK.
Where: Together, London EC1V
When: Mon 16 Jun - Fri 4 Jul 2008
Visions in the Nunnery - Exhibition and series of events
Recent moving image work by established and emerging artists as well as a programme of special screenings, performances and talks.
Preview: Fri 6 Jun 2008 6.30 - 9pm
Where: The Nunnery, London E3
When: Fri 6 – Sun 15 Jun 2008
Another Roadside Attraction present an international survey of cutting edge and progressive film and video art.
Where: Upstairs at the Griffin, London EC2A
When: Wed 28 May 2008
East End Collaborations 2008
A day of information and advice about working in the Live Art sector, followed by an evening of new Live Art works by artists based in London.
Where: The Arts Building, Queen Mary, London E1
When: Sat 24 May 2008
Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F. Kerr - FOR WHOM DO YOU SPEAK?
In this collaboration the artists look at the fractured communication (oral and visual) between people who speak completely different languages.
Where: Shed-and-a-Half Gallery, Shoreditch, London, EC2A
When: Continues until Sat 24 May 2008
Paul Rooney: La Décision Doypack
New works that approach the subject of historical memory by taking politically charged historical moments as starting points and involving real events in their fictional construction.
Where: Matt's Gallery London E3
When: Wed 23 April – Sun 15 June 2008
Rational Rec presents Unnatural Histories
Monthly inter-art social occasion, incorporating sound, music, text, performance, film and psychological experiments.
Where: Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London E2
When: Tue 8 May 2008
Temporary Agency
A three-day series of performative actions exploring concepts of value, free labour and social networks in the arts.
Where: CHELSEA space, London SW1
When: Tue 29 Apr - Thu 1 May 2008
Martina Mullaney - Killing Time
For her residency at the Daniel Shand Gallery, Mullaney will collaborating with a group of homeless people in developing a living archive of moments spent killing time.
Where: Daniel Shand, London E2
When: Sat 3 May – Thu 15 Jun 2008
40 Stations - A Photography Project
A unique photographic project by Turkish photographer Muammer Yanmaz, focusing on immigration and the changing nature of international borders.
Where: SPACE, London E8
When: Sat 3 - Sat 31 May 2008
Bang For Your Buck
Bringing together 5 MA Fine Art students from Wimbledon College of Art, with conceptually led practices approaching everyday activities, objects and actions through a variety of means.
Where: The Sassoon Gallery, London SE15
When: Mon 14 -Fri 18 Apr 2008
Ryan Gander - Heralded As The New Black
This solo exhibition comprises a new body of work made during a ‘year off’ from exhibiting and includes a number of works made exclusively for the SLG space.
Where: South London Gallery, London SE5
When: Fri 25 Apr - Sat 22 Jun 2008
Of this Tale, I cannot guarantee a single word
Graduating students from the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the RCA present thirteen international artists who reinterpret aspects of past and current events.
Where: Royal College of Art Galleries, London, SW7
When: Thu 10 Apr - Fri 25 Apr 2008
a.a.s/ Insectoid/ Diann Bauer/ Amanda Beech/ Mikko Canini/ Seth Coston/ Rod Dickinson/ Pil and Galia Kollectiv/ Tai Shani/ Francis Upritchard/ Roman Vasseur
Where: Pump House Gallery, London SW11
When: Wed 9 Apr – Sun 25 May 2008
Simon Morse - Reckoners/Reckoning
Simon Morse’s first solo show at VINEspace presents an array of machines whose pragmatic origins and intended uses point to their, and our, tragicomic undoing.
Where: VINEspace, London E2
When: Fri 4 Apr - Sun 11 May 08
Nedko Solakov - The Street
A year-long series of artists’ commissions in and around Wentworth Street, exploring the potential of art to be a catalyst for social change.
Where: The Street Headquarters , London E1
When: Sun 30 Mar - Sun 18 May 08
Closing Down Sale - Another Roadside attraction’s inaugural show
Exhibition exploring the juncture between art and commerce and examining how artists today have assimilated the methods and language of the high street
Where: Another Roadside Attraction, London, E8
When: Fri 11 Apr – Sun 18 May 2008
No Letters - group exhibition
Featuring: Ian Breakwell | Leigh Clarke | Lucy Harrison | Dick Jewell Conor Kelly | Bob & Roberta Smith | Peter Suchin | Curated by Leigh Clarke
Where: Nettie Horn, London, E2
When: Fri 21 Mar – Mon 21 Apr 2008
Value Added:
Roles, participation and economies in contemporary visual practice

Artquest, in partnership with SPACE, presents a one-day conference for artists and commissioners exploring questions of value in relation to socially engaged artistic practice.
Where: [ s p a c e ], London E8
When: Thu 5 Jun 2008
LAUNCH EVENT - PureScreen DVD *02
Castlefield Gallery (Manchester, UK) is pleased to present the launch of PureScreen DVD *02, a programme of recent artist film and video work.
Where: ROXY Screen & Bar, London SE1
When: Wed 19 Mar 2008
Live Art on Camera
Influential touring exhibition that reveals the work of photographers who documented seminal performance art events from the 1950s to the present, worldwide.
Where: [ s p a c e ] London E8
When: Sat 15 Mar – Sat 19 Apr 2008
And Now China? Special Issue of Ctrl+P Journal
Exhibition and Launch event of this special edition in anticipation of China Now, Britain’s ‘largest festival of Chinese arts’.
Where: Chelsea FutureSpace, London SW1W
When: Tue 11 Mar 2008
Framing the Other: 30 Years After Orientalism
A 2 day conference examining elements of past and present East/West relations, including colonialism, boundaries and the construction of the 'other'.
Where: The Courtauld Institute, London WC2R
When: Sat 26 Apr 2008
How to Make Europe Dream? - A Cultural Congress
Writers, artists, anthropologists and economists discuss the future of the arts in Europe in a series of free lectures, debates and art events.
Where: Chelsea College of Art and Design, London SW1P
When: Sat 15 and Sun 16 Mar 2008
Matthew Darbyshire - Blades House
A life-size mock-up of a two-bedroom flat is used as a vehicle to address issues of taste, style, aspiration, class distinction and demographic blurring.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Continues until Sun 23 Mar 2008
A series of presentations, discussions, interventions and workshops seeking to scrutinise the notion of openness across fields of cultural production
Where: Gasworks and other venues in London
When: Thu 27 Mar - Sun 18 May 2008
Breaking the Rules
The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900 - 1937

Explore Europe's creative revolution of the early 20th century - one that ripped up the rule books of visual art, design, photography, literature, theatre, music and architecture, and whose effects are still felt, heard and seen today.
Where: Pearson Gallery, The British Library, London NW1
When: Until Sun 30 Mar 2008
Double Agent - Artists using people as media
Double Agent is a group exhibition featuring artists who use other people as a medium. The show contains works in a variety of media, including video and live performance - works which are often slippery in meaning or disquieting in effect.
Where: The ICA, London
When: Thu 14 Feb - Sun 6 Apr 2008
Gregor Graf - Explorations of Urban Architecture
Gregor Graf’s exploration of urban architecture involves taking medium format images of mundane urban settings and painstakingly removing all text and symbolic references from the image.
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum London, SW7
When: Tue 5 Feb - Fri 4 Apr 08
The Browning of Britannia - Faisal Abdu'allah
A new BFI Southbank commission by British artist Faisal Abdu’Allah, which tells the extraordinary life of Ago Piero Ajano.
Where: BFI Southbank, London, SE1
When: Thu 14 Feb - Sun 18 May 08
Secularism 2008 Series - The Institute of Ideas and Bishopsgate Institute
Three debates interrogating the state of secularism today.
Where: Bishopsgate Institute, London EC2M
When: 7pm Thu 7 Feb, Thu 6 Mar and Thu 3 Apr 2008
Good Morning, Mr Nam June PAIK
Work by 24 Korean contemporary artists, including Nam June PAIK (1932-2006) whose three major video pieces will be shown in London for the first time.
Where: Korean Cultural Centre, London WC2N
When: Fri 1 Feb - Fri 7 Mar 2008
Peter Kennard - Uncertain Documents
Photomontage works made over a 30-year period from the 1970s, which address social and political issues including conflict, the environment, nuclear disarmament and civil liberty.
Where: Pump House Gallery, London SW11
When: Wed 30 Jan - Sun 30 Mar 2008
Chelsea Conversations
Who are publicly funded arts organisations for? What function do they perform? How do they impact on art making? Who decides what is worthwhile and how?
Where: Chelsea College of Art & Design, London SW1P
When: Feb - Mar 2008
Daniel Gosling: Work in progress showing / Q & A
In Feb-Mar 2006 Gosling was invited to walk 500 miles across India with a group of Bhopal disaster survivor-activists as artist in transient residence.
Where: Toynbee Studios, London E1
When: Wed 30 Jan 2008
Willie Doherty - Replays: Selected video works 1994-2007
A survey of Doherty’s video work made over the last thirteen years, set against the backdrop of a changing Northern Ireland.
Where: Matt's Gallery, London E3
When: Wed 23 Jan - Sun 16 Mar 2008
Bedwyr Williams - No More Mr Nice Guy
Bedwyr Williams has given up being nice for 2008.
Where: STORE, London N1
When: Fri 1 Feb - Sat 8 Mar 2008
Sleepless in Peckham Screening - The SELF Collective
Three groups of filmmakers will shoot three short films in just 48 hours, culminating with a screening, after-party with live music, a bar and bonfire.
Where: Sassoon Gallery, London SE15
When: Sun 27 Jan 2008
States of Exchange: Artists from Cuba
Iniva’s first major exhibition at Rivington Place, provides a dynamic and thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of economic and information exchange in contemporary Cuba.
Where: Iniva, London, EC2A
When: Wed 23 Jan – Sat 22 Mar 2008
The Not Quite Yet & Adaptive Actions
A series of events, performances and an exhibition in response to issues raised through research around issues of democracy, technology and the ageing population.
Where: [ s p a c e ] London E8
When: Fri 25 Jan – Sat 01 Mar 2008
Serpentine Gallery Sweatshops - On Engagements, On Failures, On Fictions, On Attitudes
A programme of seminars convened by Lisa Le Feuvre and Edgar Schmitz to consider ideas surrounding politics and art.
Where: Goethe Institut, London SW7
When: Next event: Tue 27 May 2008
Ryan Ras - Mea Culpa
Collaborative work exploring the politics and ritual surrounding public apology and the possibility of forgiveness.
Where: Man and Eve, London SE11
When: Fri 18 Jan - Sun 17 Feb 08
Manifesto of Possibilities - London launch
Launch event the Manifesto of Possibilities, a document developed in response to seminars and workshops exploring the uncertainties of commissioning art in areas of urban change
Where: Wellcome Collection, Conference Centre, London NW1
When: Thu 31 Jan 2008
Rational Rec presents Rational Review of 2007
If you didn't make it to Rational Rec in 2007, turn over a new leaf with the Rational Review, the annual Rational Rec event that looks at the best in art of the previous year.
Where: Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London E2
When: Tonight! Tue 8 Jan 2008
A series of evenings dedicated to some of the most significant artists working with film and performance.
Where: South London Gallery, Peckham
When: Sat 19, Wed 23, Tues 29 & Thurs 31 Jan 2008
Area 10 Welcomes SCRAP CLUB
Products everywhere. Look around you. How many products do you see? Count them. Every once in a while you have to smash them up to show your appreciation... Respect them as entities of your imagination... and retaliate.
Where: Area 10, Peckham, London SE15
When: Sun 16 Dec 2007
public works - can you show me the space
A programme of presentations, mapping workshops, exhibition and publications organised by the London-based art and architecture collective.
Where: Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston-upon-Thames
When: Tue 27 Nov 2007 - Sat 9 Feb 2008
Kathryn Cooper - Where do all the tea bags go?
Daniel Shand Gallery runs one month residencies in which the artist works in the gallery space as a studio, each weekend the space is opened to the public.
Where: The Daniel Shand Gallery, London, E2
When: Continues until Sun 9 Dec 2007
Santiago Sierra - new works
Exhibition featuring a new body of work and documentation of projects recently realised in India, Mexico and Venezuela
Where: Lisson Gallery, London NW1
When: Fri 30 Nov 2007 – Sat 19 Jan 2008
Analogue & Digital - Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews
New digital moving image works- projections, installations and screen-based video in dialogue with a wide-ranging selection of pioneering British single-screen videotapes from the 70s and 80s
When: Sat 24 Nov - Thu 16 Dec 2007
What Can a Desert Island Do? - Curated by Paul Pieroni
A group exhibition inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s contribution to the desert island allegory and its persistence in the western cultural imagination.
Where: Seventeen, London E2
When: Thu 29 Nov - Sat 22 Dec 2007
Sam Basu / Laura Oldfield Ford / JJ Charlesworth / Alasdair Duncan / Freee / Liam Gillick / Roger Hiorns / John Latham / Andrew Rucklidge / John Russell / Mark Titchner / WITH
Where: Rokeby, London WC1E
When: Wed 21 Nov – Thu 20 Dec 2007
Francis Frederick - A GOOD HOST IS A GHOST
Francis Frederick is the latest in a series of ‘identities’ created by the artist Olivier Castel, who adopts characters and narratives as containers to be filled with new content and references.
Where: Auto-Italia South East, London
When: Thu 29 Nov - Sun 2 Dec 2007
Renata Lucas - Resident
The starting point in Lucas’ practice is an analysis of the commissioned site, often observing the social information embedded within buildings and particularly, their boundaries.
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Thu 15 Nov 2007 - Sun 13 Jan 2008
Nikola Hansalik - I want them to buy my art, do I …
Questioning the mechanisms which attribute capital value to masterpieces, Hansalik sets out to challenge her own future success as an artist.
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum, London SW7
When: Wed 14 Nov 2007– Thu 24 Jan 2008
LONDON 2012 NEVER TOOK PLACE: Re-imagining the Olympic zone
The event takes place at various venues near the Olympic site in Stratford and includes performances by Mark Wayman, a symposium moderated by Iain Sinclair and Nick Couldry and a sound installation by Richard Crow.
Where: Stratford, London
When: Fri 16 Nov - Sat 17 Nov 2007
Rational Rec Goes South
The inter-art social occasion returns, incorporating sound, music, text, performance, film and psychological experiments.
Where: The Southbank Centre, central London
When: Sat 10 Nov 2007
Roof Unit Foundations - Igniting the Closure of the Lea Valley
Roof Unit presents a photographic exhibition to mark the recent closure of the Lea Valley for London’s Olympic park
Where: [ space ] London E8
When: Sat 27 Oct - Sat 15 Dec 07
Langlands & Bell - Whitechapel Laboratory
Examining our relationships with the built environment and the coded systems of mass-communications and exchange used to negotiate an increasingly fast-changing technological world.
Where: Whitechapel, London, E1
When: Thu 1 Nov – Fri 7 Dec 2007
Idolatry and Iconoclasm after Diana
An exploration of the process through which an individual's image is co-opted and manipulated both intentionally and unintentionally, and though which icons are established, judged, and endorsed, disavowed or reinterpreted by the public.
Where: St Stephen’s Church, London N1
When: Fri 2 Nov 2007
UNBOUND - Curated by Predrag Pajdic
So what was really abolished 200 years ago?
What are we celebrating?
Who invented the slavery in the first place?
Where: Contemporary Art Platform London N7
When: Sat 3 Nov - Thu 13 Dec 2007
Systems Art: Symposium - weekend session
Featured speakers: Art & Language, Sara Cannizzaro, Paul Cobley, Mary Anne Francis, Ken Friedman, Mette Gieskes, Francis Halsall, Robert Linsley, Peter Osborne, Chris Smith, Kitty Zijlmans
Where: Whitechapel Art Gallery, London E1
When: Fri 26 and Sat 27 Oct 2007
Phil Collins: the return of the real - The true stories of television betrayal
An investigation into the postdocumentary culture of reality TV, and the accompanying issues of authenticity and illusion, intimacy and inaccuracy, expectation and betrayal
Where: Victoria Miro Gallery, London W1
When: Continues until Sat 10 Nov 2007
One must be so careful these days - New film and video works and a week of performances
New film and video works and a week long series of performances
Where: Alma Enterprises, London E2
When: Continues until Sun 28 Oct 2007
Look What They Done To My Song - Michael Curran
Exploring the construction of song and narrative expectation, forming a drama (or crisis) of performance
Where: Matt's Gallery, London E3
When: Continues until Sun 18 Nov 2007
Holiday in
Quentin Armand, Oliver Bragg, Juozas Laivys, Darius Mikšys, Flávia Müller Medeiros, Nicolas Simarik
Where: Gasworks, London SE11
When: Continues until Thu 4 Nov 2007

England South

Immersive multi channel video and sound installation that visualises an abstract representation of Electro Convulsive Therapy (E.C.T) treatment.

The Long Progress Bar
The Long Progress Bar

Playful, inspiring, timely and critical, The Long Progress Bar gathers global artists and innovators to explore radical new methods of empowerment through collective spirit, the politics of paradise and the rebooting of democracy.


Wastelands is a contemporary Chinese art exhibition of installation, painting, sculpture and film presenting the works of eight artists who all have links to China.

Helen Stratford - A Day With a Duck
Helen Stratford - A Day With a Duck
A Day With A Duck explores alternate/unplanned ways through which places are generated, focusing on contrasts between the urban and the wild, different city territories and how cities operate.
Where: Babylon Gallery, Ely.
When: Sat 1 Sep - Sun 7 Oct 2012.
Pushwagner - Soft City
Pushwagner - Soft City
The first solo exhibition outside of Norway by the Norwegian artist, including his defining creation, the graphic novel 'Soft City', which encapsulates a generation's disenchantment with capitalism and life in the modern city.
Where: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
When: Thu 28 Jun - Sun 2 Sep 2012
Artists Ruth Beale, Karen Di Franco, No Fixed Abode and Neal White present events devised by utilising The Delphi Method, a Cold War forecasting technique that facilitates group questioning towards consensus.
Where: Crate Studio and Project Space, Margate
When: Sun 3 Jun 2012
Mark Titchner - ENDS THOU
Mark Titchner - ENDS THOU
A temporary offsite artwork, installed on Southend's main shopping thoroughfare, which encourages us to consider our bond to an indomitable capitalist system.
Where: Southend High St, Southend on Sea
When: Sat 5 May - Sun 8 Jul 2012
Olivia Plender - Rise Early, Be Industrious
Olivia Plender - Rise Early, Be Industrious
Devised as a 'museum of communication', Rise Early, Be Industrious draws on a broad range of references to explore how attitudes towards mass education have evolved over time.
Where: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
When: Fri 20 Apr - Sun 17 Jun 2012
Event Show - Fischli And Weiss, The Way Things Go
Event Show - Fischli And Weiss, The Way Things Go
The final part of the Exhibition as Medium Programme, a project that concentrates on collaborative working processes, focusing on research and discussion as major factors in the art-making process.
Where: Crate Studio and Project Space, Margate
When: Fri 6 Apr 2012
David Cotterrell - Monsters of the Id
David Cotterrell - Monsters of the Id
Derived from the artist's journeys to Afghanistan, Monsters of the Id tests our expectations of cinematic and media representation, capturing the disorientation of a civilian observer within a militarised environment.
Where: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
When: Sat 11 Feb - Sat 31 Mar 2012
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Cruzvillegas's work is informed by ideas of ‘survival economics’ – how scarceness can lead to recycling and solidarity in opposition to consumption and individualism. This exhibition features a series of new works made in response to the contexts of the city of Oxford.
Where: Modern Art Oxford, Oxford
When: On now - Sun 20 Nov 2011
Community without Propinquity
Community without Propinquity
A project exploring the roles of contemporary art and communities in New Towns across the globe. The project includes an exhibition, a video programme, six new artist’s commissions, a research laboratory, publication and symposium.
Where: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
When: Fri 7 Oct - Sun 27 Nov 2011
Testing Grounds
Testing Grounds
Experimental live art event based around Jules Verne�s 1873 novel Around The World In Eighty Days and ideas of international travel, global connections, new technologies and the collective conscious.
Where: The basement, Brighton
When: Sat 15 Oct 2011
An exhibition bringing together artists who are making work that acknowledges the wider world into which it is placed. The show questions the relevance of the artist in today’s society and the effectiveness of a work of art in conveying change, big or small.
Where: Down Stairs, Hereford
When: Mon 19 Sep - Fri 30 Dec 2011
A spontaneous, experimental artist-led festival drawing on the fundamental spirit of utopianism, imagination and adventure all too often lost in the financially-driven, artistically nondescript realm of the 21st century festival circuit.
Where: Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
When: Fri 19 - Sun 21 Aug 2011
John Cage - Every Day is a Good Day
John Cage - Every Day is a Good Day
An exhibition of Cage’s lesser known prints and drawings which will form the basis of a programme of new projects that respond to Cage’s work and which will attempt to get back to the anarchic impulses that underpinned his approach to the world and making art.
Where: De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
When: Sat 16 Apr- Sun 5 Jun 2011
Art Lands On Alien Landscape
Art Lands On Alien Landscape
The decline of the seaside arcade and sideshow has left Margate with a significant cultural void, yet the regeneration that attempts to fill that gap is forced to negotiate the town’s strong incumbent identity. Art Lands On Alien Landscape is an exhibition of art events exploring the relationship between art and the town.
Where: Various locations, Margate, Kent
When: Sat 30 Apr – Sun 15 May 2011
The Other Workspace
The Other Workspace
Ben Cain, Aernout Mik, Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, Sally O'Reilly, Jamie Shovlin, Cally Spooner. Seven artists using sculpture, film, performance and text explore the role of collaborative and dissenting processes in defining space.
Where: Herbert Read Gallery, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury
When: Sat 5 Mar – Fri 8 Apr 2011
CAMP ZERO: Cultural Explorations of the Shadow that the Future Throws
CAMP ZERO: Cultural Explorations of the Shadow that the Future Throws
A residential camping weekend of participatory and collaborative events, discussions, workshops, actions and artworks about culture, climate change and the limits of global growth. A collective exploration of possible futures.
Where: Westley Farm, Gloucestershire
When: Fri 25 - Sun 27 Jun 2010
Ronnie Close - Night Time Room
Ronnie Close - Night Time Room
Close's new film is based on transcripts of interviews with Irish ex-Hunger Strikers, offering a personal insight and portrait of a political figure confined by his own past.
Where: Picture This, Bristol
When: Thu 11 – Sat 13 Mar 2010
Rachel Reupke - 10 Seconds or Greater
Rachel Reupke - 10 Seconds or Greater
Formally based on the production of royalty-free stock footage, the new film by the 2009 Bristol Mean Time resident artist, Rachel Reupke, examines how popular marketing defines social positioning and taste.
Where: Picture This, Bristol
When: Sat 23 Jan – Sat 6 Mar 2010
Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson
A retrospective of Richard Grayson's work from the past five years, taking a critical and at times subversive view of humanity that encompasses astrology, religion, politics, the global economy and extra-terrestrial life.
Where: De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
When: Sat 16 Jan - Sun 14 Mar 2010
Control Point: A Temporary Facility
Control Point: A Temporary Facility
A temporary hub of information, workshops and talks from artist-led organisations including The Royal Standard, Spike Associates, Low Profile, View Point Gallery, Performance Re-Enactment Society and more.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
When: Sat 21 Nov 2009 - Sun 10 Jan 2010
Uncovering sites of secrecy and technology across the UK, Dark Places presents new artists' works that explore spaces and institutions below the radar of common knowledge.
Where: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
When: Tue 24 Nov 2009 - Wed 23 January 2010
Richard Wilson - Force Quit
Richard Wilson - Force Quit
Drawing inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction, Wilson transforms architectural space and objects on a grand scale, challenging our perception of how buildings and machines should function in a compelling sculptural choreography.
Where: WORKS|PROJECTS, Bristol
When: Sat 21 Nov - Sun 31 Jan 2010
Mind into Matter and Sons of Pioneers
Mind into Matter and Sons of Pioneers
Two parallel exhibitions - the first explores eight exemplary buildings built between 1834 - 2009, the second is a solo show of new works by Matthew Houlding paying homage to the utopian zeal of modern architecture.
Where: De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill
When: Sat 17 Oct 2009 - Sun 03 Jan 2010
A group exhibition exploring the rhetoric of display and the various systems, structures, and methods of presentation employed within consumer frameworks, revealing the inherent failure to satisfy of material goods.
Where: Plan 9, Bristol
When: Fri 23 Oct - Sun 8 Nov 2009
A series of temporary artworks and encounters taking place between the hours of dusk and dawn, looking beyond the conventional gallery or theatre space and activating forgotten and overlooked parts of the city.
Where: Locations throughout Cambridge
When: Wed 21 – Sat 31 Oct 2009
C Words: carbon, climate, capital, culture
C Words: carbon, climate, capital, culture
As a centrepiece to the 100 Days leading up to the COP 15, artist-activist group PLATFORM and their collaborators present a two-month programme of events, installations, performances, actions, walks, courses, discussions and skills-sharing.
Where: Arnolfini, Bristol
When: Continues until Sun 29 Nov 2009
Lucy Orta
Lucy Orta
Lucy Orta’s work takes critical positions to some of the most sensitive areas of society; reflecting on themes such as community and social inclusion; dwellings and mobility; and recycling and sustainable development.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre
When: Fri 16 Sep – Sun 8 Nov 2009
Generosity is the New Political
Generosity is the New Political
A group show of eight international artists exploring the complex and ambiguous concept of generosity, contradicting accepted notions of production and exchange.
Where: Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge
When: Continues until Sun 1 Nov 2009
Tantalum Memorial & Phone Wars
Tantalum Memorial & Phone Wars
A series of telephony based memorials to the people who have died in the Congolese 'Coltan Wars', by artist group Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji.
Where: CoExist Arts, Southend on Sea
When: Thu 23 Jul – Sat 8 Aug 2009
Summer of Dissent
Summer of Dissent
A programme of covert actions and overt operations bringing together a range of practitioners seeking to dismantle and reassemble cultural norms, inviting the audience to view, collaborate and question.
Where: Plan 9 and offsite locations around Bristol
When: Jul - Aug 2009
Joseph Beuys - Beuys is Here
Joseph Beuys - Beuys is Here
Works by the influential German artist exploring Beuys’s ideas on economics, politics, activism, anti-establishment, teaching, learning and philosophy.
Where: De la Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex
When: Sat 4 Jul - Sun 27 Sep 2009
Tim Knowles - Wanderlust
Tim Knowles - Wanderlust
A solo show of new work by Tim Knowles exploring the concepts of endeavour and challenge, incorporating chance operations and performance.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
When: Continues until Sun 26 Jul 2009
New work by Mark J Harris and Duncan Mountford, exploring utopian and dystopian ideologies that surround the museum, the gallery, the house, and the perceptions and institutions of knowledge.
Where: Plan 9, Bristol
When: Fri 15 - Sat 30 May 2009
Roy Ascott - The Syncretic Sense
Roy Ascott - The Syncretic Sense
The first UK retrospective exhibition of the pioneering cybernetic artist, highly acclaimed teacher and theorist of art pedagogy.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
When: Sat 4 Apr - Sun 24 May 2009
The first in a series of theatrically curated events which take a dynamic and multi-disciplinary approach to a single topic, featuring elements of lecture, performance, sound and film, and all that falls between.
Where: Plan 9, Bristol
When: Fri 13 Mar 2009
Alan Warburton - The Fruits of Conversation
Alan Warburton - The Fruits of Conversation
A group of Cambridge residents, including community workers, civil servants and a police officer were asked to cut, core and peel their apples to explain their opinions on a range of political topics.
Where: The Shop, Cambridge
When: Mon 8 - Sat 20 Dec 2008
Proximity Effect
Proximity Effect
A series of performances, installations, videos and live music events by visual artists from the city of Plymouth, brought together for the first time to consider the effect of their proximity to the city and each other.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
When: Sat 29 Nov 2008 – Sun 11 Jan 2009
The Animal Gaze - Contemporary Art & Animal/Human Studies
The Animal Gaze - Contemporary Art & Animal/Human Studies
An extension of the large group exhibition previously shown at Unit 2 Gallery, London in which forty artists contribute to a curatorial project exploring the complex relationships between animals and humans.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, PL4
When: Sat 24 Jan – Sun 15 Mar 2009
N55 - Walking House
N55 - Walking House
A modern-day re-working of the 18th century Romani horse carriage, following a period of research with Cambridge's community of people of traveller origin.
Where: Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire
When: Continues until sun 30 Nov 2008
Lucy Harrison - Haunts
Lucy Harrison - Haunts
A diverse selection of recategorised research material plus a newly commissioned project exploring place, sites of change and the ways in which we live and work in spaces.
Where: OUTPOST, Norwich
When: Sun 2 - Fri 21 Nov 2008
Re: Play Collective presents: Mapping & Manipulating the Physical World
Re: Play Collective presents: Mapping & Manipulating the Physical World
Landscapes that investigate the architectural & psychological resonances of space, developed through experimentation & interaction in response to specific sites.
Where: 204 Gloucester Road, Bristol
When: Sat 1 – Sat 15 Nov 2008
Somewhere Here
Somewhere Here
Plan 9 presents the work of eight artists on eight advertising hoardings throughout Bristol city centre, hijacking advertising space to provide the beleaguered shopper with a brief respite during the fall of capitalism.
Where: Throughout Bristol city centre
When: Tue 4 Nov – Wed 3 Dec 2008
Rules and Regs at South Hill Park
Rules and Regs at South Hill Park
Artists Lucy Cash, Antony Schrag and Search Party have been invited to create new work in response to rules devised by a curator as a challenge to explore new ways of working.
Where: The Bracknell Gallery, Bracknell
When: Fri 29 - Sat 30 Aug 2008
A Weekend of Art That’s Difficult to Describe
A Weekend of Art That’s Difficult to Describe
‘Other/Other/Other’ need an audience! The public are invited to ‘Unit 5’ to witness the process and progress of artists in Norwich who make “art that’s difficult to describe”.
Where: Unit 5, Norwich
When: Sat 30 - Sun 31 Aug 2008
KH Jeron 9 - 5
KH Jeron 9 - 5
As part of his residency at MEANTIME Karl Heinz Jeron has created 9 - 5, a robotic vehicle that works for minimum wage, making visual the immaterial labour of a working day in an office.
Where: MEANTIME, Cheltenham
When: Thu 14 Aug 2008
An exhibition of recently graduated artists marking their departures from BA Fine Art courses
Where: Charlton Art Centre, Dover
When: Tue 22 Jul - Fri 8 Aug 2008
Benedict Phillips - Following Footsteps
Benedict Phillips - Following Footsteps
Live research project using news clippings, family stories and local research to revisit spaces inhabited by the artist's Grandfather Laurence A. Hislam, pacifist and political activist.
Where: MEANTIME, Cheltenham
When: Residency Mon 7 - Sun 13 Jul 2008, Presentation Fri 11 Jul 6.30-8.30pm
Plan 9 Trade Union
Plan 9 Trade Union
Plan 9 Trade Union has been set up to radicalise artworkers who spend the majority of their careers not being artists in order to support their practice.
Where: Arnolfini's Far West Metro Store, Bristol
When: Fri 27 Jun - Thu 24 Jul 2008
Far West
Far West
An experimental project that will transform Arnolfini into a distinctive ‘concept store’ exploring the shifting of the economic centre of the world to the East.
Where: Arnolfini, Bristol
When: Sat 28 Jun - Sun 31 Aug 2008
Accidental Collective present Lost in Translation
Accidental Collective present Lost in Translation
Discover British cities mapped over Canterbury; which cities will you find where? How do we understand our city and how do others understand theirs? And what gets lost in translation?
Where: Canterbury city centre
When: Sat 21 Jun 2008
Live Art Falmouth 2008
Live Art Falmouth 2008
The annual, two-day festival features an innovative program of live/performance/interactive art from more than 70 international, national, regional, and student artists.
Where: Wellington Terrace Foundation Studios Annex, and other venues around Falmouth
When: Fri 6 - Sat 8 Jun 2008
Saskia Holmkvist -  Role Control
Saskia Holmkvist - Role Control
Major new video installation exploring notions of credibility, social strategy, and how we all engage in role-play.
Where: Arnolfini, Bristol
When: Sat 12 Apr – Sun 15 Jun 2008
Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper
Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper
An open invitation to propose, host or participate in a programme of social events selected by Kaavous Clayton.
Where: OUTPOST, Norwich
When: Wed 2 Apr - Wed 21 May 2008
GIFT - The Ideas Exchange
GIFT - The Ideas Exchange
An exhibition and programme of associated events, live art performances and workshops based on the themes of reciprocity, currency and exchange.
Where: OVADA and public spaces around Oxford
When: Sat 5 Apr – Sat 24 May 2008
What does it mean to be here, in front of you, with our bodies, our hopes, our disappointments? Are you voyeurs? Are you collaborators? Or are you backstabbing saboteurs just waiting to see us trip up?
Where: Best Western York House Hotel, Eastbourne
When: Sat 22 Mar 2008
Kirsten Norrie - 7,013g
Kirsten Norrie - 7,013g
Seven acts, seven nights. A solo exhibition of new live work.
Where: OVADA, Oxford
When: Wed 5 – Wed 12 Mar 2008
Digiville: Feed Lack Loop - Micheál O'Connell
Digiville: Feed Lack Loop - Micheál O'Connell
Using a live performer and an Avatar in the Online World Second Life, Micheál O'Connell inquires whether the concept of interactivity, so lauded in contemporary culture, is about Empowerment or possibly leads to its opposite: Control.
Where: Lighthouse, Brighton
When: Thu 6 Mar 2008
Folded, Glued and Printed - Transition: Curators' Edition
Folded, Glued and Printed - Transition: Curators' Edition
A five day curated show with 14 artists, where the space of the Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance, UK is to be used to 'curate' the artists' work into a publication.
Where: Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance
When: Wed 13 – Sun 17 Feb 2008
Clair Chinnery - Locations
Clair Chinnery - Locations
An exhibition and residency exploring questions of cultural identity in relation to colonial history and geography.
Where: OVADA, Oxford
When: Sat 9 Feb – Sat 1 Mar 2008.
Hollington & Kyprianou  - Goodbye Vile Earth!
Hollington & Kyprianou - Goodbye Vile Earth!
An exploration of the archive of artifacts, films, declassified reports and photographs which document the activity of the RAE, a top-secret military complex.
Where: South Hill Park, Berkshire
When: Sat 2 Feb – Sat Mar 16 2008
Good Shit From Bristol - Live Art Weekender & 3 Minute Warning
Good Shit From Bristol - Live Art Weekender & 3 Minute Warning
A season of ‘made in Bristol’ live and dance work from eight emerging artists who performed at Arnolfini’s 2007 open platform.
Where: Arnolfini, Bristol
When: Sat 12 Jan & Sun 13 Jan 2008
John Wood and Paul Harrison - From One Thing to Another
John Wood and Paul Harrison - From One Thing to Another
7 new works continuing the artists’ ongoing investigations into architecture, performance, drawing, sculpture and film.
Where: Picture This, Bristol
When: Sat 19 Jan – Sat 23 Feb 2008
Conspiracy Dwellings - Symposium on Surveillance in Contemporary Art
Conspiracy Dwellings - Symposium on Surveillance in Contemporary Art
International symposium exploring the ways in which contemporary art has addressed the issues associated with state control and surveillance, past and present.
Where: South Hill Park, Bracknell
When: Fri 18 Jan 2008
Anna Best and Barbara Holub - Artist and Curators Residency Programme
Anna Best and Barbara Holub - Artist and Curators Residency Programme
More Opportunities is the first UK solo exhibition of the Vienna based artist, architect and urban designer Barbara Holub, presented alongside Buddleia, a new film work by UK artist Anna Best.
Where: Plymouth Arts Centre, Devon
When: Sat 24 Nov 2007 – Sun 20 Jan 2008
The Sensible Stage - Lucienne Cole, Melanie Gilligan, Pil & Galia Kollectiv
The Sensible Stage - Lucienne Cole, Melanie Gilligan, Pil & Galia Kollectiv
A programme of three performance works addressing questions of experience and perception, participation and spectatorship
Where: Various locations in Bath and Bristol
When: Sun 28 Oct and Sun 4 Nov 2007
Port City: On Mobility and Exchange
Port City: On Mobility and Exchange
Large-scale international exhibition addressing issues of migration, trade and contemporary slavery, accompanied by a related programme of live art, music, film, literature, events and workshops as well as off-site projects.
Where: Now showing at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton. Previously at Arnolfini, Bristol
When: Tue 27 Nov 2007 - Sat 26 Jan 2008
Margareta Kern - Clothes for Death
Margareta Kern - Clothes for Death
A personal response by Kern to a tradition in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina of women preparing clothes for their own burial
Where: Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath
When: Continues until Fri 4 Jan 2008

Daniel Fogarty - Another Television Ident

A 6 month durational project taking place in an urban garden located on a derelict distribution depot, exploring the role of the TV ident and what this placeholder graphic or break between programming could come to represent.

Where: Edible Eastside, Birmingham
When: Apr - Sep 2013
Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers

A weekend of live performance, installation, film, talks and boat trips investigating the Brayford Isle, a 12 meter wide man-made island located in the South East region of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool, the city’s historic port.

Where: Project Hub; Lincoln Canoe Club, Lincoln, LN6
When: Sat 25 - Mon 27 May 2013
Puppet Show

Eastside Projects is finally revealed as a \'puppet state\' or \'marionette government\'. The art organisation has been taken over by little \'creatures\', marking what could well be a latent global condition.

Where: Eastside Projects, Birmingham
When: Sat 23 Mar - Sat 18 May 2013
Realism in Rawiya - Exhibition and Symposium
Rawiya, the first all-female photographic collective to emerge from the Middle East, present a thoughtful view of a region in flux, balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes.
Where: New Art Exchange, Nottingham
When: Fri 25 Jan - Sat 20 Apr 2013
I Is AnOther
Group exhibition celebrating Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence, exploring the impact of an environment on a sense of self and providing a timely call for an independence of critical thought within the island's rich artistic community.
Where: New Art Exchange, Nottingham
When: Wed 28 Sep - Sat 8 Dec 2012
Function VI
Prising open the doors, Reactor invite you to enter this dilapidated, disused building, navigate this confined space and help bring Function back to life. Once inside, you might find yourself in the dark, trapped, disrobed, or bare foot and blinking as you find your way between two places.
Where: Primary, Nottingham
When: Sat 20 Oct 2012
James Gillray
A selection of political caricatures by the famous satirist, depicting an 18th century landscape with striking similarities to Europe in 2012 - financial turmoil, long expensive wars, and a Conservative/Liberal alliance in power.
Where: Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
When: Sat 5 May - Sun 1 Jul 2012
Decolonizing Architecture/Art Residency (DAAR)
Decolonizing Architecture/Art Residency (DAAR) is an art and architecture collective based in Palestine. Their work is a critical examination of the role played by architecture in the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Where: Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
When: Sat 28 Jan - Sun 15 Apr 2012
Reactor - The Green Man & Regular Fellows
A newly commissioned, live artwork in the form of a pub, which plays with the traditions and conventions of the ‘public house’ and ‘private members’ clubs’, producing unexpectedly dislodged behaviours.
Where: Trade Gallery, Nottingham
When: Fri 30 Sep - Sun 2 Oct 2011
Charter of the Forest
A weekend of performances, guides, talks and artworks in Lincolnshire’s historic woodlands, brings together six artists who's work draws upon the historic Charter of the Forest document.
Where: Chambers Farm Wood, Appley nr Wragby, Lincolnshire
When: Sat 6 - Sun 7 Aug 2011
All that Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism
Artists including Yael Bartana, Katya Sander, Hito Steyerl and Walid Raad/The Atlas Group explore seemingly incompatible components of art and journalism, such as aesthetic experience and political activism; community events and private investigations.
Where: QUAD, Derby
When: Sat 28 May - Sun 31 Jul 2011
This is Not a Performance or a Lecture!
A day of experimental live performance which blurs fact with fiction, instruction with the dramatic, as artists test and dissect our understanding of what might constitute a performance lecture.
Where: Loughborough University, Leicestershire
When: Fri 17 - Sat 18 Jun 2011
Huang Yong Ping // Wael Shawky
Two exhibitions running in tandem, featuring Paris-based, Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping and Egyptian artist Wael Shawky, and exploring transitional events in society, cultural collision, politics, imperialism and religion.
Where: Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
When: Fri 15 Apr 2011 - Sun 26 Jun 2011
Flash Bang
An exhibition comprising video works by Katie Davies and Elisa Pône, continuing a line of inquiry in to the development of dialogue between works placed together in a space.
Where: Trade Gallery, Nottingham
When: Fri 15 Apr – Fri 29 Apr 2011
Radar – Folk Variations
A programme of four new artists’ commissions which explore how histories are both created and disseminated by and through people. Feat Serena Korda, Sally O'Reilly, Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff, and Tris Vonna-Michell.
Where: Loughborough University, Leicestershire
When: Mar - May 2011
Discourses of Dissent
In light of the coalition government’s austerity agenda and the emerging movement against it, this symposium asks how academic research can help inform and sustain political resistance.
Where: Birmingham & Midland Institute, Birmingham
When: Wed 16 Feb 2011
Artur Zmijewski: Them and Endless Supply #10 Publication Launch
Trade presents a solo exhibition by Polish artist Artur Zmijewski, plus the launch of a publication of artworks and articles which raise the issue of their own construction.
Where: Trade Gallery, Nottingham
When: Sat 20 Feb – Sat 13 Mar 2010
New Photography: Pavilion Commissions
An exhibition of newly commissioned work by four photographers, exploring subject matter including architecture, migration, geology and culture.
Where: Djanogly Gallery: Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
When: Fri 15 Jan – Sun 28 Feb 2010.
Last Orders at the Bar: The Demise of the Great British Pub
An Exhibition of Photographic Work documenting the loss of the traditional British pub. These photographs act not as an obituary for the British public house, but a petition against their decline and a testament to a different era.
Where: Surface Gallery, Nottingham
When: Sat 16 Jan – Sat 30 Jan 2010
Radar Presents Selected Memory
A season of art, film and debate inspired by the complexity of memory, featuring three newly commissioned artists, each using their practice as an enquiry into the many facets of memory.
Where: Various locations around Loughborough, Leicestershire
When: Nov 2009 - Jan 2010
Sam Dargan - More Work for the Undertaker
Reminiscent of the imagery of daily newspapers and depicting scenes from unrealised revolutions, Dargan's fragmented narratives comment on the imbalance of power systems and the inherent paranoia that imbues conspiracy theories.
Where: The Wasp Room, Nottingham
When: Thu 12 Nov - Sun 6 Dec 2009
The Logos is Common
Leicester's new artist-run space opens its doors for its inaugural exhibition, documenting and investigating the past, present and future of the physical space that it now occupies.
Where: The Great Central, Leicester
When: Sat 7 Nov – Sat 12 Dec 2009
The Lincoln Art Programme presents... ART-JACKING Debate
A selection of speakers active in the field of live art present arguments in favour of empowerment or alienation, as the Lincoln Art Programme initiates its new programme of live art activity in the city.
Where: University of Lincoln, Lincoln
When: Wed 7 Oct 2009
Symposium that will further the debate raised throughout the last month by a series of missions carried out by a group of artists, interrogating public space around the gallery and exploring the role of arts and culture in the post-industrial world.
Where: The New Art Gallery Walsall
When: Fri 2 Oct 2008
An exhibition of artworks carried by pigeons along the Royal Pigeon Racing Association race route, as part of Project Pigeon by Alex Lockett & Ian England.
Where: The Rea Garden, Birmingham
When: Fri 28 Aug – Sun 6 Sep 2009
The Art Crawl
A multi-venue, all night event taking visitors around a number of venues in the city where artworks will be exhibited and experienced.
Where: Various venues around Nottingham
When: 8pm Fri 29 May – 5am Sat 30 May 2009
Project Pigeon by Alex Lockett and Ian England
Throughout Summer 2009 [insertspace] is proud to present a number of events centred around the pigeon, including pigeon liberations and the distribution of artworks by pigeons.
Where: The Rea Garden, Birmingham
When: Jun - Sep 2009
A Far Sunset
Tom Down transforms the gallery into a quasi-archival space, utilising and displaying a collection which continually blurs the distinctions between the found and the constructed.
Where: The Wasp Room, Nottingham
When: Thu 26 Mar – Sat 11 Apr 2009
Exploring the boundaries between fact and fiction, a group of eight artists aim to disrupt our expectations of narrative norms and how these come to shape our experience and understanding.
Where: The Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
When: Fri Mar 20 – Wed Apr 8 2009
The inaugural event of the artist-run Lincoln Art Programme features a solo performance by artist Alan Armstrong, exploring the relationship between his art practice and his day job mopping the floor of the Royal Centre in Nottingham.
Where: :The Collection, Lincoln
When: Tue 24 Mar 2009
The Reading Room at Broadway
Hinterland Projects have taken over the Broadway cinema for one month, transforming the space into a makeshift library. Visitors are encouraged to share, swap and discuss reading material, and view textual work by artists, writers and filmmakers.
Where: Broadway, Nottingham
When: Mon 2 Feb – Sat 28 Feb 2009
Short Fall
Group exhibition exploring the success/failure dichotomy, the way in which these distinctions can be arrived upon arbitrarily and often illogically, and the broader implications that this can have upon our society.
Where: Hand and Heart Gallery, Nottingham
When: Fri 30 Jan - Fri 13 Feb 2009
Symposium - Art in the Social Sphere
Symposium focussing on current artistic interest in responding to a social context, questioning its ability to be both conceptually interesting and to offer a meaningful contribution to the society in which it takes place.
Where: Loughborough University School of Art & Design, Loughborough
When: Thu 29 Jan 2009
Radiator Symposium – Exploits in the Wireless City
Symposium forming part of a ten day programme of exhibitions, events and discussion exploring how electronic networks are transforming our notions of private and public space.
Where: Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham
When: Thu 15 - Fri 16 Jan 2009
Smith Partners Ltd
The inaugural exhibition in this new space features the collaborative duo Smith Partners Ltd, whose cartographical compositions take inspiration from the rules of traditional British games.
Where: The Wasp Room, Nottingham
When: Thu 11 - Sun 21 Dec 2008
The Hex / Mike Cooter
An exhibition within an exhibition space within an exhibition space, using the context of the London apartment/exhibition space The Hex as a starting point.
Where: Moot, Nottingham
When: Continues until Sun 21 Dec 2008
Conjunction 08 - FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE
Stoke on Trent’s first Biennial, featuring more than 30 artists of international, national and regional significance, 25 new commissions and a programme of free public events.
Where: Venues throughout Stoke-On-Trent
When: Sat 8 Nov - Sat 13 Dec 2008
A Politicized Art - towards the formation of a critical counter public sphere
Free, one-day symposium exploring the relationship between art practice and the public sphere.
Where: Loughborough University School of Art & Design, Loughborough
When: Wed 19 Nov 2008
Artists in Residence - Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On
Seminar exploring the proliferation of artist-in-residence models in art institutions over the last decade and their current value in the development of new and emerging practices. Chaired by artist Kelly large.
Where: The New Art Gallery Walsall, West Midlands
When: Wed 12 Nov 2008, 12.30 – 5pm
Photographer Steve Schofield examines the way the British choose to spend their holiday and leisure time, and the themed experience's blurring of boundaries between fantasy and reality.
Where: Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby
When: Sat 23 Aug - Sun 2 Nov 2008
WLTM - The Event
Always felt there was someone missing from your life? Looking for the Gilbert for your George? Well look no further! The Dating Agency Director WLTM you! for an afternoon of match-making.
Where: Standing Room at Harrington Mill Studios, Nottingham
When: Sat 30 Aug 2008, 4 - 7pm
Who Are We? Who am I?
As AirSpace celebrates its second birthday, aiming to establish itself as a permanent gallery within Stoke-on-Trent’s regeneration scheme, an exhibition of graduating students explores change, beginnings and futures.
Where: AirSpace, Stoke-on-Trent
When: Continues until Sat 9 Aug 2008
A Process of Living
Artists including Copenhagen Free University, United Nations Plaza and Tenantspin explore the role of education in relationship to artists’ gallery based practice.
Where: The City Gallery, Leicester
When: Fri 11 Jul – Sat 30 Aug 2008
The Long Take
Artists have been invited to contribute artwork by fax within a 3 week period to a create a currently undetermined document.
Where: MOOT, Nottingham
When: Thu 10 Jul - Sun 3 Aug 2008
Product Clearing by a.a.s.
a.a.s. are developing characters and situations from the first issue of the comic in a blog and live performances across the city.
Where: Moseley, Birmingham
When: Sat 28 Jun 2008
A one day audio performance event featuring contributions by a number of artists exploring a form of collaborative working developed by Fluxus
Where: St. Paul's Church, Birmingham
When: Fri 27 Jun 2008
Life Is Interesting... When You're Furious
Radar presents Life Is Interesting... When You're Furious, a series of projects to mark the 40th anniversary of the wave of student protest movements that broke out in 1968, often dubbed as the 'year of the barricades'.
Where: Loughborough University, Leicestershire
When: Wed 21 May - Wed 18 Jun 2008
Do Not Refreeze and Drift/Wealth
2 concurrent exhibitions explore day-to-day life behind the Iron Curtain, and issues of trespass and censorship.
Where: Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
When: Sat 10 May - Wed 2 Aug 2008
Team Spirit: The Art of Collaborative Practice
A free, afternoon-long seminar on various models of collaborative working and the social, political and creative reasons for doing so.
Where: The New Art Gallery, Walsall
When: Thu 20 Mar 2008
Public Art Survey : The Results - Stephen Sharp
53% of people in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent STRONGLY AGREE that public art regenerates local economy.
Where: Hanley and Newcastle under Lyme
When: Wed 12 – Wed 26 Mar 2008
S Mark Gubb - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Provoking thought about what it means to live in a divided society, what public space is for and who it is controlled by.
Where: The City Gallery, Leicester
When: Sat 15 Mar - Sat 26 Apr, 2008
It couldn’t be made up!
In association with the Surface gallery, Nottingham Trent University presents five back to back, one week, group exhibitions centred on the alternate readings of the title.
Where: Surface Gallery, Nottingham
When: Mon 25 Feb - Thu 20 Mar 08
ROAM: A Weekend of Walking
Three days of artist led walks and events across Loughborough, featuring Active Ingredient, Claire Blundell Jones, Duncan Speakman, Tim Brennan, Mark Gwynne Jones, Lottie Child and Tamara Ashley and Simone Kenyon.
Where: Loughborough
When: Sat 15 - Mon 17 Mar 2008
Anna Francis - The Year of Finding Spaces in the City for Art
As part of an investigation into the impact that art and cultural activity can have on our changing cities, at least 12 (approx. one a month) projects will be taking place in spaces around our cities.
Where: Stoke-on-Trent and Bristol
When: Sat 16 Feb 2008 and Wed 20 Feb 2008
Stephen Sharp - Public Art Survey at Hanley, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme
A project which sets out to question the function of public art through a series of public votes.
Where: Hanley, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme
When: Voting ends Tue 26 Feb 2008
Open studio event by Kelly Large - Me, Myself and I
‘Open studio’ event developed from a preoccupation with the conditions of being ‘in residence’ and the models of production, exhibition and reception associated with this role.
Where: The New Art Gallery Walsall, West Midlands
When: 2pm, Fri 18 & Thu 24 Jan 2008
Pub(lic) conversation about studios and artists workspace in Birmingham
Responding to Birmingham City Council's withdrawal of support for artists' practices. Hosted by Lucy Byatt.
Where: The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham
When: Tue 4 Dec 2007, 7.30pm
Kipple Night... (VHS Art for the Digital Age)
Eagle and Feather present their collection ofabsurdly peripheral and esoteric videotapes, selected for their distinct peculiarity.
Where: Periscope, Birmingham
When: Tue 22 Nov 2007, 6 - 8.30pm
Colony - as if something once mentioned now plain to see
A publication featuring a series of newly commissioned works by artists and writers.
Where: COLONY, Birmingham
When: Sun 18 Nov - Sun 16 Dec
Jack Strange - ‘The Stupidest Thing Alive’
From Hollywood actors to Turner Prize winners, Jack Strange escapes the idea of self through confusion to reveal that perhaps pretending is the ultimate truth.
Where: Moot, Nottingham
When: Sat 17 Nov – Sun 16 Dec 2007
Tether Festival - Events taking place throughout Nottingham
Three weeks of events, exhibitions, performances and screenings dedicated to new, ambitious and innovative artwork being produced in the UK.
Where: Various Venues across Nottingham
When: Sun 4 - Sun 25 Nov 2007
Stephen Sharp - Public Art Survey (Results)
99.8% of people in Wolverhampton AGREE VERY MUCH that public art regenerates local economy.
Where: Wulfrun Centre, Wolverhampton
When: Fri 26 Oct - Fri 23 Nov 2007
Open City: Nottingham - nottdance07
A series of walks and actions by groups and individuals in the streets of Nottingham throughout nottdance07, including a number of associated events
Where: nottdance07, sites across Nottingham City Centre
When: Fri 12 - Sun 21 Oct 2007

AND Festival 2015

Abandon Normal Devices invites you to Grizedale Forest in the heart of the Lake District. The Festival will create a site for exploration and uncover the secret architecture of the forest with artworks, events, trails and film happenings.



Nicola Ellis - More room for error

Artist Nicola Ellis will be making a brand new work in response to the gallery space, questioning underlying assumptions around the functions and roles of different objects and materials in architectural space.



Launch Pad: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

For the next in its series of Launch Pad exhibitions Castlefield Gallery presents a group project initiated by six artists based across the UK, France and The Netherlands.

Compassion is Dissent: Manifesto Slam

The prospect of another 5 years of the austerity assault machine has forced us to act. How can we spread the virus of compassion, how can we find new weapons of dissent? Come and slam, sing, dance, read or shout your 3 minute manifesto.

Martin Hamblem - A penny for your thoughts

A three hundred and thirty hour durational performance of the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”.


An open callout for artistic responses to all the Bullshit that circulated during the general election campaign and after. All work will be on display in Liverpool and auctioned off, proceeds will go to the most cut service in Liverpool.

Just Do(ing) It, Again: The Politics of DIY and Self-Organised Culture

A day of presentations, workshops, films and discussion about DIY culture and its social, political and economic resonances.

Where: The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
When: Sat 11 May 2013
Maurice Carlin - First... Next...Then... Finally...
Castlefield's second Launch Pad project is a solo exhibition by Maurice Carling, emerging artist and co-founder of Islington Mill Art Academy, a peer-led experiment into alternative forms of artist education.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 8 - Sun 17 Feb 2013
Economies of Generosity Symposium / The Horse's Teeth
A day of presentations and discussion exploring the role of gift-giving and generosity in both capitalist and alternative economies, following a week of performance works gifted from one artist to another.
Where: The Bluecoat, and throughout city of Liverpool
When: Mon 26 Nov - Sat 1 Dec 2012
Castlefield Gallery associates - launch event
CG Associates is a membership scheme for artists, writers and independent curators which will provide information, opportunities and space for critical dialogue.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Tue 4 Dec 2012
Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc
In the engine house of a former pin factory in Leeds, French artist Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc presents his latest film work which tells stories old and new of the exploitation of metal-rich African subsoils by foreign powers.
Where: Pavilion, Leeds
When: Fri 5 Oct 2012 - Fri 21 Dec 2012
CAVE - a new and unique model of art fair
An artist-led art fair presenting 45 of the UK's most exciting unrepresented artists whilst taking no commission or exhibition fee from those participating.
Where: Baltic Creative Campus, Liverpool
When: Thu 13 - Sun 16 Sep 2012
Abandon Normal Devices
A festival of new cinema, digital culture and art that highlights the complexities, gradations and anomalies encountered when we examine success as an ideal.
Where: Manchester and venues across the North West
When: Wed 29 Aug – Sun 02 Sep 2012
The Humble Market - Trade Secrets
Part performance, part experience, Trade Secrets presents us with a universe threatened with complete control, through a choreographed journey of interactive vehicles that confront us with the follies of mass consumerism.
Where: FACT, Liverpool
When: Fri 22nd Jun - Sun 2 Aug 2012
KSDIY-12 - 2012 Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer School
A week of workshops, seminars and activity reconnecting art and the experiences of cultural displacement; without right angles - new rural design and architecture projects.
Where: Merz Barn, Cumbria
When: Mon 16 - Sun 22 Jul 2012
A season of new performance art commissions taking place in Cornerhouse's empty gallery spaces in the time between exhibitions and which aims to explore the varied approaches of contemporary female performance artists.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Fri 8 Jun, Fri 21 Sep 2012
The New Arab - Art and Culture from the 'imagined' Arab World
Symposium to accompany the exhibition 'Subversion' which explores and rethinks Arab identity, featuring global experts on the arts and culture of the Arabic world.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Fri 13 Apr 2012
Fred Lonidier - International Arts and Trade Union activist
Lecture by one of the leading pioneers from the late 1960s onwards, of the arts and trade union movement in the USA. His work continues to deal with the possibilities of photography applied to trade union campaigns for social justice, labour history, and social change.
Where: Centre for Lifelong Learning, Liverpool
When: Mon 12 Dec 2011, 7.30pm
Next To Nothing: An Exhibition on The Price of Nothing and the Value of Everything
DIY art collective Black Dogs return to the group show format, advancing their critique of the institutional artworld through an exhibition containing contributions from more than thirty individuals and collectives.
Where: The Light (top floor), Leeds city centre
When: Fri 16 Sep - Sat 1 Oct, 2011
Nils Norman: ODE TO CHARLES FOURIER: Towards a Phalanstery for Manchester
A new site specific commission by internationally acclaimed artist Nils Norman, engaging CUBE’s main galleries in themes of utopia, play, public art and work.
Where: CUBE, Manchester
When: Sat 9 Jul - Sat 20 Aug 2011
Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah - Liverpool Landing...
The only UK date in the North West for Reverend Billy and his 35-voice Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters defending land, life and imagination from reckless development and the extractive imperatives of global capital.
Where: Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
When: Wed 13 Jul 2011
Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer Art School
A DIY Art school and symposium programme coordinated by the Littoral Arts Trust, independent artists groups, MA students and recent grads. from art schools around the country.
Where: Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn, Cumbria
When: Sat 16 – Sun 31 July 2011
the modernist - Magazine Launch
The first edition of the Manchester Modernist Society's new quarterly magazine looks at 20th century modernist architecture in the North West, from Manchester's lost tripe restaurants to the fab 60's plans for Liverpool city centre.
Where: CUBE Gallery, Manchester
When: Thu 23 Jun 2011 - Lies, Inc
The first UK solo-retrospective of Eva and Franco Mattes aka Renowned for their masterful subversions of public media, their work is precariously balanced on the edge of legal, ethical and social boundaries.
Where: Site Gallery, Sheffield
When: Thu 9 Jun – Sat 30 Jul 2011
Rainer Ganahl
For the Bury Text Festival, Reading for Reading’s Sake have commissioned New York-based artist Rainer Ganahl to make a new body of work around Engel's The Condition of the Working Class in England (1844) including videos, assemblage, photographs, paintings and prints.
Where: Bury Transport Museum, Bury
When: Sun 22 May – Sun 19 Jun 2011
New Cartographies: Algeria-France-UK
Making a timely intervention in current debates surrounding civil unrest in North Africa, this exhibition brings together ten artists to explore colonial and post-colonial politics and culture, and the links and frontiers between Europe and North Africa in the age of neo-liberalism.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Fri 8 Apr – Sun 5 Jun 2011
A Serious Waste of Time: (Non-works in Progress)
Andy Abbott's first solo exhibition explores the critical potential of play and time outside work, in search of a space for thought and action that breaks with the market-led, competitive and essentialist logic of capitalism.
Where: 7 Marshall’s Mill, Leeds
When: Fri 18 Mar to Sat 26 Mar 2011
Carey Young - Memento Park
A major touring solo show by acclaimed artist Carey Young, surveying the artist’s investigations of language, rhetoric and performance. Includes UK premieres of several works, and Memento Park, a new Cornerhouse commission.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Sat 5 Feb – Sun 20 Mar 2011
David Jacques - The Irlam House Bequest
An installation inspired by the history of trade union banners and based around a fictional subversive banner workshop “discovered” in an abandoned flat in Irlam House, a tower block in Bootle, Liverpool.
Where: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
When: Wed 2 Feb 2011 – Sun 3 Apr 2011
David Osbaldeston - Out of Time
Through manipulated images taken from photographic records of protests or accidents that report a breakdown of social and economic order, the exhibition will explore relationships between the gallery and theatre staging, displacement, reality, illusion and social discord.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 16 Apr - Sun 6 Jun 2010
Contemporary Art Iraq
Timed to follow the Iraqi parliamentary election, this is the first comprehensive UK exhibition of new and recent contemporary art from Iraq since the first Gulf War, examining practices that are emerging with fresh perspectives from a culture marked by conflict and turmoil.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Fri 16 Apr – Sun 20 Jun 2010
FrenchMottershead: The SHOPS Project
The culmination of Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead's two-year international SHOPS project, which explores through local shops the possibilities of local difference amidst globalised commerce.
Where: Site Gallery, Sheffield
When: Sat 21 Nov 2009 - Sat 13 Feb 2010
Tahera Aziz - [re]locate
A sound installation developed in response to the tragic events surrounding the racially motivated murder of 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence near a bus stop in south London in 1993, and the deep impact this has had both privately and publicly.
Where: Union 105, Leeds
When: Mon 23 Nov - Fri 4 Dec 2009
Artur Zmijewski
The first major UK survey of works by Polish artist Artur Zmijewski, one of the most consistently challenging, provocative and profoundly thoughtful artists working at the moment.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Fri 13 Nov - Sun 10 Jan 2010
Project addressing changes in global and local trade and their influence on the structure of towns and cities, exploring the local and global manifestations of the marketplace and its shifting position socially, spatially and economically.
Where: New Square, Chesterfield
When: Thu 29 - Sat 31 Oct 2009
The third volume in the One Minute series, a programme of artists’ moving image works with a duration of a minute or less.
Where: Hull School of Art and Design
When: Mon 26 Oct - Thu 12 Nov 2009
One Degree of Separation
a group exhibition exploring the role that social connections and artistic interconnections play in the practice of a group of artists from Hong Kong.
Where: Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
When: Continues until Sat 9 Jan 2010
Group exhibition exploring the relationship between the production, presentation and consumption of contemporary culture, and examining the role of money, ritual and desire in a changing cultural, political and economic topography.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 9 Oct - Sun 22 Nov 2009
Critical Migrations - KS09 Herbst-Schule
The annual Kurt Schwitters Autumn school and research seminars examining themes including: alternative pedagogical initiatives, and the role of artist research centres, foundations and archives as new critical tactics.
Where: The Elterwater Merz Barn, Cumbria
When: Fri 2 - Sun 4 Oct 2009
Procession: An Exhibition
Bringing together a collection of objects from Jeremy Deller's Procession, this exhibition attempts to contextualise the event within a local historical vernacular, creating and reflecting a ‘northern social surrealism’.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Thu 9 Jul – Sun 23 Aug 2009
Dig a Little Deeper - Build on Solid Ground
Speakers from local authorities, grassroots organisations and academic institutions as well as artists and architects contribute to this conference exploring creative approaches to housing market renewal, community engagement and the economic downturn.
Where: Clayton le Moors, Lancashire
When: Thu 25 Jun and Fri 26 Jun 2009
Nicolas Moulin Blanklümdermilq
Following a three-month residency, the Berlin-based artist will show his recent work exploring the built environment and the way people are conditioned and manipulated by buildings and spaces.
Where: Site Gallery, Sheffield
When: Sat 13 Jun – Sat 1 Aug 2009
Project BIENNALE: Review
2 days of events as part of a critical investigation into the peripheral activities that extend and support the experience of the phenomenon that is Biennale culture.
Where: SIAD Gallery, Sheffield
When: Wed 10 - Thu 11 Jun 2009
Referencing workers unions and other representative bodies, UNITED will examine how the professional field of art operates without formal structures, resulting in a series of events reflecting artist-led activity and the many facets of social networks.
Where: Venues across Leeds
When: Fri 1 May - Sat 27 Jun 2009
INTERNATIONALE: Radicalizing internationalism in the arts
A two-day social event that will creatively explore and generate critical thinking and political awareness around artistic international encounters.
Where: The Bluecoat, Liverpool
When: Sat 16 and Sun 17 May 2009
Morphic Resonance
An experimental project exploring the role of the gallery as a site for ‘in progress’ work where value lies in experimentation and exchange, questioning the boundaries between art, curating and critical debate.
Where: PSL (Project Space Leeds), Leeds
When: Wed 25 Mar - Sat 27 Jun 2009
art art art Liverpool Launch Party
A one-off evening of innovative, experimental live art and performance by emerging artists from Liverpool and across the UK, marking the launch of art art art Issue 5 which focuses on discourses around live art.
Where: The Royal Standard, Liverpool
When: Thu 16 Apr 2009
One and All
A group show of new work from seven North West based artists examining, interacting and interrogating the structures and themes of community networks and urban regeneration.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 3 Apr - Sun 17 May 2009
Performer. Audience. Fuck Off.
Responding to rules set by Site Gallery, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard will reinterpret a seminal performance originally presented in 1975 by American artist Dan Graham.
Where: Site Gallery, Sheffield
When: Thu 26 Mar 2009
A monthly gathering for artists who see research as a crucial part of the continuous development of their practice.
Where: Islington Mill, Salford
When: Monthly meetings, ongoing
Manuel Saiz - Private Party. Keep Out
Using video, performance and sculpture, Saiz’s work addresses the identity of the artist and the way in which s/he interacts with the institution, the audience and society at large.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 6 Feb to Sun 22 Mar 2009
Can artists work with animals as equals? On the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth four artists have been commissioned to develop projects with non-human animals, actively questioning the sovereignty of the human species over all others.
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester
When: Sat 24 Jan - Sun 29 Mar 2009
195 Miles
There are 195 miles between London and Leeds. This project creates a bridge between two cities, two spaces and eight artists.
Where: PSL [Project Space Leeds], Leeds
When: ongoing - Sat 28 Feb 2009
Eric Fong - Seeing Beyond
Two new bodies of work that seek to open up a dialogue about the way we perceive and treat issues related to the body, medicine and disability.
Where: Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
When: Fri 23 Jan – Sun 5 Apr 2009
Stephen Sharp and Anna Francis - Public Art Survey (Hull)
Voting has commenced on the streets of Hull. Does Public Art enhance public space? Is Public Art a waste of public money? Have your say and vote!
Where: Various public sites around Hull
When: Mon 1 - Sun 14 Dec 2008
S1 Members Show
The annual show features new painting by John Burke, sculpture by Haroon Mirza and Jerome Harrington, photography by Charlotte Morgan and video and sound works by Katie Davies.
Where: S1 Artspace, Sheffield
When: Continues until Fri 12 Dec 2008
A group show in which the artists respond to the theme of money, exploring issues from global economic policy to pocket change.
Where: The VAULT Gallery, Lancaster
When: Fri 5 - Sat 20 Dec 2008
Ta(l)king Place
The second in a series of open monthly sessions inviting discussion around participation, action and interdisciplinary collaboration in local urban contexts.
Where: Encounters Shop, Sheffield
When: Tue 2 Dec 2008
Static Noodle Bar
The next stage unfolds in this one-year project that tackles the definition of an artwork, the complexities of human traffic and UK immigration policy, and the creeping autonomy of Planning Control.
Where: Static, Liverpool
When: Ongoing
Peter Ainsworth
A stuffed bird found on a bank of the Thames at Crayford Ness explores the photograph both as a piece of empirical evidence and as an art object on a gallery wall.
Where: Pavilion, Leeds
When: Thu 4 Dec 2008 – Thu 12 Feb 2009
David Goldenberg - Materialising Post Autonomy no 4
The existing model of art has finished, we need to locate and rebuild a new one. A series of debates and events exploring the moment or gap in which we do not know what art is, where the spaces for art exist, nor notions of the artist and audience…
Where: A Foundation, Liverpool
When: Fri 21 - Sat 22 Nov 2008
Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non- Knowledge No.11
On Waste: The Disappearance and Comeback of Things & Values. An Installation with 50 Experts, a Digression on the Rhetorics of the Dialogue and a Shadow Play for a Dialogue Duo.
Where: The Bluecoat, Liverpool
When: Sat 29 Nov 2008
HONK - Contents May Vary
Touring exhibition of work produced and selected in response to the context of transportation and exhibition in a white van.
Where: Liverpool, Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester
When: Sat 15 Nov - Thu 27 Nov 2008
ESA Social Club presents: Multitude
Multitude will explore ideas of consumerism, collecting and hoarding through a variety of socially engaged art events, exhibitions, artist commissions and residencies.
Where: East Street Arts, Leeds
When: Fri 7 - Sun 23 Nov 2008
Future Visions of History - 30.10.08
Free, one-day newspaper exploring regeneration, decay, the role of the artist and the repetition of history in the context of Liverpool as European Capital of Culture.
Where: Throughout Liverpool
When: Thu 30 Oct 2008
Set against Liverpool’s rapidly changing urban and cultural landscape, NAVIGATOR reflects a process of re-mapping and re-routing through familiar and unfamiliar territories.
Where: The Royal Standard, Liverpool
When: Continues until Sun 30 Nov 2008
Oliver Walker - Mr Democracy
In an ambitious international project exploring trade, democracy and globalisation, Mr Democracy will undertake the creation of a UK constitution, oursourcing content and production to China.
Where: The Royal Standard, Liverpool
When: Continues until Sun 30 Nov 2008
DaDaFest International 08
An edgy programme of activity by artists from around the globe for the UK's leading Deaf and Disability Arts festival
Where: Venues across Liverpool
When: Thu 4 – Sun 7 Sep 2008
Challenge to New Points Based Visa System
Artists discussion / action event in response to the recent abolition of the writers, composers and artists category in UK visa applications.
Where: Site Gallery, Liverpool
When: Sat 20 Sep 2008, 2pm
Shezad Dawood: Feature - Image
Filmed as a series of performances Feature engages with mythologies, (in)authenticity, multiple authorship and intercultural interpretations.
Preview: Thu 7 Aug 2008, 6 - 8pm
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Fri 8 Aug - Sun 21 Sep 2008
Nelson Guzmán - Guided by the echo
An exhibition of work in progress exploring ways in which violent and traumatic events are marked and memorialised in public spaces.
Where: Edge Hill Train Station, Liverpool
When: Fri 18 Jul - Sat 9 Aug 2008, Preview Thu 17 Jul 2008, 6.30pm
Itinerant Toolkit Edition no.1
The Itinerant Toolkit is a project focusing on the ideas and issues that surround travel and journeying as an artistic practice.
Where: Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland
When: Fri 18 Jul - Fri 1 Aug 2008
Manchester’s guerrilla arts micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, packed full of chance encounters, random occurrences and risky ventures around and about the city centre.
Where: Manchester City Centre
When: Sat 12 July 2008
Spaces v Site - the commissioning equation
A one-day symposium for artists, commissioners and arts organisations exploring commissioning, context and site specific art.
Where: Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire
When: Fri 18 Jul 2008
Nils Norman - Visible Virals
Billboard poster campaign, interactive website and series of walks exploring and revealing the secrets of Liverpool’s parks and green spaces
Where: Parks & green spaces throughout Liverpool, posters on public transport and billboards
When: Until end of September 2008
Ruth Buchanan & Eveline van den Berg - Lying Freely
During the duration of the first two weeks the show will function as a device to accumulate materials and experiences which will then be brought together in an event on the closing weekend. Curated by Jan Verwoert
Where: Bloc Space, Sheffield
When: Sat 12 – Tue 22 Jun 2008
A series of 9 one day shows exploring temporality, impermanence and [dis]location in the context of the built environment, and the ways in which these elements inform shifting notions of place
Where: S1 Artspace, Sheffield
When: Mon 23 Jun – Thu 10 Jul 2008
Eggs, Flour, Milk, Cheese - 25 ways of keeping occupied
Black Dogs, Leeds’ DIY-curious art collective, revisit the gallery exhibition format in their newly expanded form with over 20 art-doers.
Where: 42 New Briggate, Leeds
When: Thu 12 Jun - Sat 21 Jun 2008
Changeover - An installation by Rebecca Key
The last exhibition at the Art School’s gallery before its move to new premises examines the relationship between the artist and gallery space within the institution.
Where: 68 Hope Street Gallery, LJMU Liverpool
When: Fri 20 Jun – Fri 11 Jul 2008
The third incarnation of the largest cross regional art exhibition of its kind.
Where: Multiple sites across the transpennine region
When: Fri 13 Jun - Fri 15 Aug 2008
What Price Autonomy? and The Last Hurrah
Symposium and degree show providing the opportunity to reflect on recent reforms in art education and to mark the closure of the current Sheffield art faculty.
Where: Sheffield Hallam University, Psalter Lane Campus
When: Symposium: Thu 5 Jun 2008
The Last Hurrah: Sat 31 May – Fri 6 Jun 2008
'Out of Place'
Seven young Chinese artists explore the sometimes jarring juxtaposition of cultures, events and imagery in contemporary China.
Where: Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria
When: Thu 15 May - Fri 14 Nov 2008
Fragile Democracy - New International Photography
Documenting communities, micro-societies and subcultures in a state of economic and political transition.
Where: Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
When: Continues until Sat 21 Jun 2008
Katy Woods - The Great Inundation
The Great Sheffield Flood of 1864, which wiped out a vast part of the city, provides the focus for this exhibition of video and archive documents.
Preview: Thu 8 May, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Where: S1 Artspace, Sheffield
When: Fri 9 May - Sat 7 Jun 2008
Wilson Page - UNBRANDED
A photographic exploration into the organically formed identities of Yorkshire's independent trade.
Where: Starbucks, Leeds City Centre
When: Thu 15 May - Sun 18 May
PureScreen #20;: Let The User Speak Next (Mapping Place and Space)
New international work examining the various ways that artists engage with concepts and techniques of filmmaking as a way of mapping place and space.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Wed 30 Apr 2008
NEXUS – The Edge Hill Pavilion, and AL & AL
METAL launches its 2008 Capital of Culture programme at Edge Hill Station, the oldest passenger railway station in the world with artwork by two international duos.
Where: Edge Hill Station, Liverpool
When: Opens Sat 3 May, Preview: Fri 2 May 2008
Reconstruct is the event marking the grand opening of the Kazimier.
Where: The Kazimier, Liverpool
When: Fri 25 Apr 08
Futuresonic 2008
The annual festival of live up-and-coming music, performance, artist collaborations and commissions, talks and events.
Where: Venues and public sites across Manchester
When: Thu 1 – Mon 5 May 2008
East Street Arts Present Journey
A 3-day participatory event exploring intervention, navigation, boundaries, journeys and mapping.
Where: Patrick Studios and Beaver Studios, Leeds
When: Thu 8 – Sat 10 May 2008
Anachron-Gen - While You Wait
The Sheffield-based collaboration have assembled a series of responses to the city and its urban spaces. Drawing together divergent ideas to navigate, inhabit and re-imagine the city again.
Where: twenty+3 Projects, Manchester
When: Sun 13 Apr 2008 – Sat 17 May 2008.
Asia Triennial Manchester 08 - Channel_A and p-10
Two artist groups from the islands of Taiwan and Singapore present new site-specific work that engages with the cultural, political and social climates in which they operate.
Where: Castlefield gallery and other venues in Manchester
When: Sat 5 Apr - Sun 1 Jun 2008
Alchemy at The Manchester Museum
Reinvigorating the museum displays with an exciting programme of contemporary art and revealing inspiring research from internationally renowned artists.
Where: The Manchester Museum, Manchester
When: Continues until Sun 1 Jun 2008
Kai-Oi Jay Yung - Paradise Stories
Interpretions of modern day paradise in response to rapid economic progress and man’s attempt to make sense of life.
Where: International Gallery and Renew Rooms, Liverpool
When: Tue 4 Mar - Fri 28 Mar 2008
CutUp Collective - Street Installation
An installation in the street using billboards, light boxes and reassembled bus shelter advertising posters, alluding to the city's role in choreographing the movement of people.
Where: Off-site billboards, BALTIC, Gateshead Quays
When: Continues throughout Feb 2008
Harun Farocki: Deep Play
'Deep Play' brings together 12 different perspectives on one of the biggest broadcasting events ever - the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany, seen by an estimated 1.5 billion viewers worldwide.
Where: Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
When: Fri 29 Feb - Sat 12 Apr 08
Paradise by Kutlug Ataman
Paradise is a exhibition of three major recent works by internationally-respected artist Kutlug Ataman. This is the UK premiere for these pieces and the only UK venue for the tour of Paradise.
Where: Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
When: Tue 26 Feb - Sat 26 Apr 08
ART SHEFFIELD 08: Yes, No & Other Options - A city-wide contemporary art event
Addressing the fact that in a post-industrial condition we have entered into a service culture where we no longer just work, we perform in a perpetual mode of ‘I Can’.
Where: Venues throughout Sheffield
When: Sat 16 Feb – Sun 30 March 2008
Swing That Art Bat - No Fixed Abode
No Fixed Abode, along with Access Space, has developed a month long exhibition of talks, presentations and workshops.
Where: Access Space, Sheffield S1
When: Fri 29 Feb - Fri 4 Apr 2008
nineteen;twentynine theatre company present Kane's vivid depiction of the reality of war in the setting of a hotel suite, implicating the audience within the performance.
Where: The Queens Hotel, Leeds
When: Mon 18 - Fri 22 Feb 2008
Cory Arcangel: a couple thousand short films about Glenn Gould
Multi-screen installation, book launch and an interactive lecture/product demonstration.
Where: Castlefield Gallery & Greenroom, Manchester
When: Fri 8 Feb - Sat 22 Feb 08
sk-interfaces - Launch Event of FACT's Human Futures Programme
sk-interfaces explores uncertain limits between art and science, materially and metaphorically, the concept of skin as a technological interface.
Where: FACT, Liverpool
When: Fri 1 Feb – Sun 30 Mar 2008
Kathryrn Cooper - Where do all the tea bags go? Part 2
As a continuation of her residency at The Daniel Shand Gallery in November, Cooper takes 'drinking tea in Ossett' as a starting point to examine resource use, consumption, ecology and global trade.
Where: PEEP! Gallery, Ossett, West Yorkshire
When: Sat 5 Jan - Fri 1 Feb 2008, 10am-5pm daily
Going Postal - By Paul Stanley with BLOC
BLOC has commissioned Stanley to produce 500 hand-drawn envelopes for their Dec 2007 postal mail out, in an experiment following the disregarded elements of the everyday advertising that is so pervasive in our lives.
Where: BLOC mailout and blog
When: Dec 2007
Gordon Dalton and S Mark Gubb - Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
Two men. Two cameras. One car and a pocket full of gas money; a road-trip in to the frail consciousness of a nation obsessed with success.
Where: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
When: Continues until Sun 27 Jan 2008
The Royal Standard Turner Prize Extravaganza!
Place your bets and watch the "live final" in an evening of Turner Prize related activity and entertainment, artists' film and video, performance and intervention.
Where: 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool L1 4JJ
When: Mon 3 Dec 2007, 6.30pm onwards
ZOO FORTY TWO - Artists in residency/captivity
A week long residency of the artists Alex Farrar, Iona Smith and Harry Meadley during which time the gallery will be converted into a Zoo enclosure
Where: 42 New Briggate Gallery, Leeds
When: Thu 22 - Tue 27 NOV 2007
Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson - At 25 Metres
Continuing their interest in the symbolic and transformative potential of fire, Crowe and Rawlinson examine cultural conventions, tensions and misunderstandings
Where: FACT, Liverpool
When: Fri 16 Nov 2007 - Sun 13 Jan 2008
EAST STREET ARTS - Showing: Expectations
This challenging project will bring together differing individuals and groups to explore their own and other people’s expectations in relation to the visual arts.
Where: The Project Space, Patrick Studios, Leeds
When: Continues until Sat 10 Nov 2007
Reactor - The Tetra Phase
You have one opportunity to make a difference
Where: Old Fire Station, Manchester (next to Piccadilly Station)
When: Saturdays 6, 13, 20 and 27 Oct 2007
Outside the Box - Curated by Kathy Rae Huffman
Featuring the work of nine artists/ artist collaborations that illustrate a unique approach forto screen-based work in public spaces that moves away from entrenched, predictable ways of working
Where: Cornerhouse, Manchester, M1
When: Continues until Sun 11 Nov 2007

Forum for Alternative Belfast - Belfast / a method

Forum for Alternative Belfast are building the first ever 3 dimensional model of the city complete with highlighted vacant sites, with the aiming of generating discussion and ideas around the challenges and opportunities they present.

Where: Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
When: Fri 3 May - Sat 8 Jun 2013
Terminal Convention 2011
A series of art, music and discursive events taking place in and around a decommissioned terminal of Cork International Airport and featuring a number of leading artists, musicians and theorists.
Where: Cork International Airport, Cork, Ireland
When: Thu 17 – Sun 27 Mar 2011
Daniel Jewesbury and Aisling O'Beirn
An exhibition presenting the artists' engagements with north Belfast, conducted through a series of ‘microgeographical’ enquiries and subsequently turned back out in to the city through a series pamphlets containing impossible or inadvisable city tours.
Where: Belfast Exposed, Belfast
When: Fri 2 Jul - Fri 13 Aug 2010
Dan Shipsides - T5 Field Cinema
An ongoing project showing artist and feature films in interesting remote locations, as part of FIX09 – a performance art biennial run by Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
Where: Various remote locations
When: Ongoing (FIX09 will run from Sat 26 Sep - Sun 4 Oct 2009)
Donovan Wylie - Maze 2007/8
As the only photographer granted official and unlimited access to the demolition of the notorious Maze prison in Belfast, Wylie’s new work documents the aftermath, as the once-enclosed space is reintegrated with the outside world.
Where: Belfast Exposed, Belfast
When: Fri 27 Mar - Fri 1 May 2009
Pecha Kucha I
This first instalment of a new series of events allows people working in various artistic and cultural disciplines to present various aspects of their practice and aims to establish collaborative links and genuine critique.
Where: Belfast Exposed, Belfast
When: Thu 2 Apr 2009
POSTED 4: Private TALK - PUBLIC Space
New poster exhibition examining the boundaries and inter-relations between 'private' and 'public' and the continuing dominance of market forces in shaping our culture and society.
Where: St. Peters Market (former Bodéga), Cork City
When: Mar/Apr 2009
ARTIST'S MOBILITY | aspiration or reality
European Council of Artists Annual Conference exploring artistic freedom in a globalised world, the European Arrest Warrant, borders, visa issues & cultural diversity, and the role of the European Parliament in the promotion of artists' mobility.
Where: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 8
When: Fri 7 to Sat 8 Nov 2008
Catalyst Arts Student Show
The annual show features a selection of the best and brightest students and graduates from across the UK and Ireland.
Where: Catalyst Arts, Belfast
When: Fri 31 Oct - Sat 15 Nov 2008
The Garden Project
A group exhibition and extensive programme of events and activities around the city exploring urban renewal, architectural injustice and botanical anarchy.
Where: Catalyst Arts and other locations around Belfast
When: Fri 27 Jun - Sat 16 Aug 2008
Tristan Hutchinson - Doomsday Equation
The six most drawn numbers in the lottery as a new doomsday equation, offered 24hrs a day on the expensive plasma and high definition TV screens of a Phillips Store
Where: Phillips Store, Dublin
When: Mon 7 – Sat 12 Apr 2008
OPEN / INVITED e v+ a 2008 - Too Early For Vacation
Ireland's pre-eminent annual exhibition of contemporary art will present the work of 45 artists from 17 countries of Continental Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, selected by Hou Hanru.
Where: City-wide venues throughout Limerick City, Ireland
When: Fri 7 Mar – Sun 25 May 2008
Art in the Life World - A Breaking Ground Conference and Exhibition

Breaking Ground presents \'Art and Autonomy?\', a conference exploring agendas rooted in cultural tourism and regeneration, which is expanded with a group exhibition in a disused swimming pool.

Where: Civic Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9
When: Conference Thu 28 & Fri 29 Feb 2008
Exhibition Fri 29 Feb – Sat 12 Apr 2008

iF Platform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

iF Platform (integrated fringe) is a ground breaking showcase featuring the UK’s top disabled artists and integrated arts companies as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.

iF not Now, When?

A day of provocations and presentations; creating a diverse future and raising the profile of disabled artists.

Exhibition and series of events exploring connections between oil, geopolitics and visual culture with particular emphasis on human mobility and the natural environment.
Where: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
When: Sat 22 Sep - Sat 27 Oct 2012
The Clipperton Project
An energising and informative programme of international films, public talks, community activities, workshops, one off events, micro residencies and rolling exhibitions.
Where: Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow
When: throughout September 2012
Gayle Chong Kwan - The Obsidian Isle
A significant new body of work documenting a fictional island located off the west coast of Scotland, on which reside one country's lost and destroyed buildings and places.
Where: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
When: Sat 24 Mar - Sat 5 May 2012
The Writing on Your Wall
An exhibition that looks at printmaking as a socially concerned, democratic media designed to disseminate radical ideas.
Where: Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
When: Sat 17 Sep - Sat 29 Oct 2011
Ruth Maclennan - Anarcadia
A new film and series of photographs made among the desert expanses of Kazakhstan. Filmed in a vast landscape apparently abandoned by colonial and commercial interests, an archaeologist and a surveyor journey across the symbolically charged terrain.
Where: Stills, Edinburgh
When: Sat 9 Apr – Sun 17 Jul 2011
Upcoming events at Street Level Photoworks
2 upcoming events include artists talk with Alexandra Demenkova and book launch: "Praktika: socially engaged art practice".
Where: Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow
When: Thu 19 & Fri 20 Feb 2009
Expedition Basecampment
A journey that explores the National Review of Live Art and the city of Glasgow, considering the boundaries between storytelling and journeying and examining the performative nature of travel.
Where: The National Review of Live Art, Glasgow
When: Fri 13 and Sat 14 Feb 2009
Leave Art Alone
A one-off event featuring performances by five Polish female artists living and working in the UK, curated by Tekla Wozniak.
Where: The Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh
When: Wed 17 Dec 2008
Ian Healy - Offerings
An examination of the role of religion in politics, moral control and propaganda and its paradoxes that prevail today.
Where: Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh
When: Continues until Sun 31 Aug 2008
Höhne & Gismarvik - By-Catch
An investigation into the declining fishing industry, including a series of fish and chip wrapper news sheets distributed at chip shops and fishmongers across the city.
Where: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
When: Continues until Wed 20 Aug 2008
Joshua Sofaer - Scavengers Art Hunt at EAF 2008
40 scavenger teams will beg, borrow, barter, and bluff their way around Edinburgh, scavenging items relating to artworks in the hope of winning a £2,000 cash prize.
Where: City Art Centre, Edinburgh
When: Sat 16 Aug 2008
Mineral Park - Curated by Alex Hetherington
A self-generating, evolving exhibition comprising of multiple materials, narratives, video, sound, biography, music, performances and texts, accompanied by a selection of video works by international artists.
Where: The Park Gallery, Falkirk, Scotland
When: Sat 9 Aug – Mon 8 Sep 2008
Paul Rooney - Lost High Street
Two video works, including Lost High Street, a new Collective Gallery commission, dealing with the unreality of city experience.
Where: COLLECTIVE, Edinburgh
When: Sat 31 May- Sat 12 Jul 2008
No Time To Lose
A group show exploring and reflecting on the unsustainability of social and economic systems that do not afford people sufficient time outside of work.
Where: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
When: Fri 13 Jun - Sat 26 Jul 2008
Here Now, There Now
Over three days, poets and performers will make subtle changes to the landscape, only visible to train commuters between Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow.
Where: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow
When: Wed 4 - Fri 6 Jun 2008
Glasgow International - Festival of Contemporary Visual Art
Programme of exhibitions, off-site projects, events, gigs, artist talks and a free, public symposium.
Symposium: Mon 21 Apr 2008, 10am - 4pm
Where: Venues across Glasgow
When: Fri 11 – Sun 27 Apr 2008
Freee - How to be Hospitable
Responding to the recent wave of Polish immigrant workers in the UK, Freee hope to trigger debate about underlying issues of global capitalism.
Where: Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
When: Sat 5 Apr - Sat 17 May 2008
Two Forthcoming Events at Peacock Visual Arts
Memory Maps by founder member of the Analytical Art Group in the 1960s and later a member of Art & Language, David Rushton.
Over a Barrel, a photographic exhibition about the oil industry by Owen Logan.
Where: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
When: Over a Barrel, Tue 26 Feb – Sat 5 Apr 2008
Memory Maps, Sat 23 Feb - Sat 5 Apr 2008
Artur Zmijewski - Them
Zmijewski's film brings together four groups of politically polarised groups to debate their convictions through unorthodox meetings. A series of collaborations between Scottish and Polish artists will run alongside the exhibition.
Where: Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
When: Sat 9 Feb - Sat 22 Mar 2008.
New Work Scotland Programme - Collective Gallery
An exciting and varied mix of exhibitions, highly experimental performative projects and ongoing discussions and professional practice events aimed at emerging artists
Where: Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
When: Oct - Dec 2007
N55 SERVICES - 7 dispensers throughout central Edinburgh
Information dispensers and series of free public workshops
Where: Dispensers throughout central Edinburgh, information point at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
When: Throughout October 2007
The Consequence Video Screenings - Curated by Alex Hetherington and Janie Nicoll
Curated by Alex Hetherington and Janie Nicoll
Where: LowSalt Gallery, Glasgow
When: Fri 19 - 21 Sun October 2007, 12 - 5pm

Hanan Kazma - partially here

A collection of images by Lebanese photographer and artist Hanan Kazma, exploring emotions and identity through a series of self-portraits.

Rhod 2013: Future Nature Culture

A group exhibition inviting a re-imagination of our relationship to nature, beyond exploitation and idealization towards a future in which we acknowledge ourselves as not separate from nature, but an intrinsic part of it.

Where: Melin Glonc, Carmarthenshire, Wales
When: Mon 27 May - Sat 1 Jun 2013
Barnraising and Bunkers

Group exhibition looking at our impulse for shelter, and how we choose to build our environment. If Barnraising epitomises collective action and co-operation, Bunkers suggest the opposite, a singular act.

Where: G39, Cardiff
When: Wed 8 May - Sat 29 Jun 2013
Aleksandras Macijauskas and Rimaldas Viksraitis - Borderliners
An exhibition of two of the most famous and groundbreaking Lithuanian avant-garde photographers, against the social backdrop of the decline of Lithuanian village life since the break-up of the Soviet Union.
Where: Ffotogallery, Penarth, Wales
When: Sat 16 Feb - Sat 23 Mar 2013
Phil Collins - This Unfortunate Thing Between Us
An alternative home shopping channel hosted by a crew of actors and porn workers and selling real life experiences at promotional prices, housed in two second-hand caravans.
Where: Chapter, Cardiff
When: Sat 6 Oct 2012 - Sun 13 Jan 2013
Chekhov’s Gun
A group exhibition which tease the audience’s expectations using highly crafted decoys, plot twists and distractions, featuring Michelle Deignan, Jon Fawcett, Ryan Gander, Benjamin Owen, Molly Rooke and John Smith.
Where: g39, Cardiff, Wales
When: Sat 29 Sep - Sat 15 Dec 2012
The Future’s Not What It Used To Be
An exhibition of ten international artists who explore the concepts of past, present and future. Using a range of media, the artists present multiple perspectives of their changing landscape, helping viewers to define and redefine their own relationships to the world.
Where: Chapter, Cardiff
When: Fri 21 Sep - Sun 4 Nov 2012.
The Autobiography of A Super-Tramp
After a major relocation and re-imagining of g39, June sees a group exhibition of 13 Welsh and Wales-based artists with nomadic practices embedded in different localities, contrasting ideas of globalisation and mobility with the desire to remain.
Where: g39, Cardiff, Wales
When: Wed 6 Jun - Sat 25 Aug 2012
Adrianna Groisman - Voices of the South Atlantic
Timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas war, Voices of the South Atlantic examines issues of war and its consequences.
Where: Turner House, Penarth
When: Sat 19 May - Sat 30 Jun 2012
Ffotogallery Book Arts Fayre
Bringing together an eclectic mix of over 60 contributors from both invitation and our open submissions, the 6th annual fayre will be a platform for self and independent publishing in all its forms.
Where: Ffotogallery, Penarth, Wales
When: Sat 25 Feb 2012
Stalls & Traders
Stalls & Traders is a public art project taking place in Newport Indoor Market and Ridley Road Market, Dalston, East London, as part of the artist initiative Open Empty Spaces.
Where: Newport Indoor Market, Newport
When: Sat 30 Apr – Sat 28 May 2011
If…. Rabab Ghazoul
Originally from Iraq and now based in Cardiff, artist Rabab Ghazoul's experience of living across cultures informs her approach as a social observer and commentator, for the If.... programme she will restage Oyvind Fahlstrom’s 1966 work Mao-Hope-March through Cardiff city.
Where: G39, Cardiff
When: Wed 18 Nov - Sat 05 Dec 2009
Every Thousand Words Tells a Picture
A series of investigations into the relationship between Art and Writing, discussing the applications of text in a contemporary art practice.
Where: Chapter, Cardiff
When: Sun 14, Wed 17 and Sun 21 Jun 2009
Hole in the Wall
Open Empty Spaces present a series of week-long public space site-specific interventions in a small metal alcove in suburban Cardiff, curated by and featuring emerging artists.
Where: Diana St, Cardiff
When: Fri 1 May - Fri 5 Jun 2009
Dragana Jurisic - Seeing Things
A bank of documentary photographs exploring the scope and scale of poverty in contemporary Ireland to help raise awareness of the nature, causes and effect of poverty there.
Where: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
When: Fri 20 Mar – Sun 19 Apr 2009
Museum of the Moment
An new audio project by Jennie Savage invites you to tune in to the secret life Cardiff whilst navigating the city on foot.
Where: Cardiff city centre
When: Fri 3 Apr – Sun 3 May 2009
Nutopia: Exploring the Metropolitan Imagination
Nutopia crosses boundaries between town planners & artists, activists & architects, social workers, regeneration agencies and academics to create a compelling new conversation on the 21st Century City.
Where: Morgan Arcade, Cardiff
When: Thu 2 and Fri 3 Apr 2009
If you build it, they will come
To celebrate g39 is marking its ten-year anniversary with a commemorative programme of events, starting with If You Build It, They Will Come an attempt to present the works of each and every artist g39 has worked with in the past decade.
Where: g39, Cardiff
When: Fri 9 Jul - Sat 9 Aug 2008
Mike Murray - Building Blocks / Jennie Savage - A Million Moments
An exhibition exploring the parallel paths of the natural and the man made, and a series of explorations across Cardiff’s arcades and shopping centres.
Where: g39 and Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff
When: Sat 5 Apr – Sat 3 May 2008
Artes Mundi 3 - International Exhibition and Art Prize
Nine stimulating and thought provoking artists question who we are and the societies we live in, exploring different perspectives on life and art.
Where: National Museum Cardiff, Wales
When: Continues until Sun 8 Jun 2008
Flashes From the Archives of Oblivion - Stuart Brisley, Ian Hinchliffe, Alastair MacLennan, Tatsumi Orimoto
An exploration of the work of four pioneering artists in relation to the discourse surrounding the documentation of performance art.
Where: Chapter, Cardiff
When: Continues until Sun 13 Jan 2008
Anthony Shapland - Suddenly After a Long Silence
A series of documentary-style video works that not only observe the ‘real’ or the ‘actual’ but also reference notions of staging, scripting and artifice.
Where: Chapter Gallery, Cardiff
When: Continues until Sun 21 Oct 2007

ART vs REHAB - Critical Tool Kits
Over 100 artists, academics and service users have collaborated to produce six FREE Critical Tool Kits to support practitioners working creatively within addiction, the criminal justice system, homelessness and mental health.
Where: On-line
When: Available now
Public Call for short falafel footage
Artists Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour want your video clips of falafel eating, or other falafel experiences, real or constructed. Inspired by chapter six, Orientalism, of the Novel of Nonel and Vovel, falafel is used a contested national symbol in the Near East and it’s diasporic manifestations.
Where: Part of a residency at Artsadmin, London
When: Send video clips by Fri 19 Feb 2010
Atopia Projects - Lifting, Theft in Art (publication)
Lifting is an anthology of art from the 1970s onwards by artists who have - or claim to have - crossed a legal or moral line and committed theft in the name of art.
Where: Available at the Atopia Projects website
When: Available to buy now
Interventions Part 1 - Dispersal
A series of guerilla artworks from four emerging artists based in Nottingham, Lincoln, Birmingham and Manchester which interact with a variety of public spaces and contexts throughout the country.
Where: Around the UK
When: October - November 2009
Duncan Speakman - as if it were the last time
Somewhere between a soundwalk and a flash-mob, this secret, mass participatory event will take place across three UK cities. Register now to take part!
Where: Register to find out location
When: London: Thu 12 Nov, Bristol: Fri 13 Nov, Liverpool: Sat 14 Nov 2009
Florence Lazar on
Embracing the role of artist as ethnographer, Florence Lazar has been creating work about the situation in Former-Yugoslavia since the late 1990s, exploring questions of identity and politics in a post-conflict situation.
Where: Online at
When: Until Tue 1 Sep 2009
James & Jones - 31 Proposals
For 31 days, James and Jones will take it in turns to propose a different idea for an exhibition every day. There are no stipulations upon the proposals and no boundaries on what can be achieved or imagined.
Where: On-line
When: Mon 1 Jun - Wed 1 Jul 2009
Artist Toby Huddlestone will be inviting commuters to undertake fake journeys, Dutch artists to race through Ikea and demonstrators to stage apathetic protests, as part of a project that replaces a conventional exhibition format with a public production schedule.
Where: Various locations across the UK
When: Sat 27 Jun - Sun 16 Aug 2009
ARCADE: Sacrifice Zone
Writer Anthony Iles, and artists Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead contribute the next commissions in the year-long Sacrifice Zone series examining links between artists and regeneration agendas.
Where: On-line
When: Available from 1 Mar 2009
True Riches
Following the closure of the ICA's Live Arts and Media Department, artists Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton have re-opened the Department of Live Art with True Riches an independent curatorial project.
Where: Online
When: Now on-line
Arcade Project - Sacrifice Zone
Writer Craig Martin and artists Kennedy Browne contribute to the first in a series of online commissions examining the links between artists and regeneration agendas.
Where: On-line
When: From Mon 1 Dec 2008
Ursula Biemann - Mission Report
This substantial monograph, on and around Ursula Biemann's practice, provides an opportunity to engage with more than a decade of her video art production and writing.
Where: Distributed by Cornerhouse
When: Available from Nov 2008
The Ludogeographic Society - Call and Return
You are invited to participate in a series of creative missions exploring group dynamics, collaborative creativity and our relationship to public spaces.
Where: Various local / global / online locations
When: Mission weekend Fri 19 - Sat 21 Sep 2008 / ongoing
'The Young and Evil' on
An on-line curated programme of contemporary artists' video, and a cinema screening of historical film, reconsidering the shifting relationships of sex and community in the digital age.
When: Mon 14 Jul - Sun 21 Sep 2008
Your Imaginary Country
A participatory, site-specific project in Berlin, Mitte, and an online project in Europe, the United States and Mexico
Where: On-line and at 85 Choriner Strasse, Mitte, Berlin
When: Continues until Mon 30 Jun 2008
She doesn't think so but she's dressed for the h-bomb
An on-line exhibition of short videos exploring individual and global histories, selected by Negar Azimi, editor of Bidoun Magazine.
Where: on-line at
When: Continues until Wed 21 Apr 2008
GREENHOUSE BRITAIN: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom
Greenhouse Britain, is designed literally to express what the rising of waters would mean to the landscape of the island.
Where: Devon, London, Shrewsbury, Manchester, Bristol, and Lancaster
When: Nov 2007 - March 2008
Jordan McKenzie - From One to Another
A participatory viral drawing project and on-line residency examining the notation of travel, using the journey as a starting point for intimate encounters and exchange
Where: On-line on the C4RD website
When: Ongoing
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