Wolstenholme Projects is an artist-led not-for-profit project space run by a group of 11 artists, based in Liverpool city centre at 11 Wolstenholme Square.

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About Wolstenholme Projects

For the 2006 Liverpool Biennial the group’s founding members spent a number of weeks renovating the building and producing and coordinating three shows, involving a total of over 60 artists. The exhibitions, dedicated to showcasing emerging artists, received good audiences and a very positive critical response.

With the close of the Biennial, the artist group based in Wolstenholme Square has now expanded to 11 members with the upper part of the building now being used as studios, and the ground floor being maintained as an exhibition space, with shows to be programmed every 4 to 6 weeks.
Whilst each member of the group has their own individual practice as their primary focus, they will be working on various collaborative projects, the first of which was a group show at a new gallery, which opened in Nottingham in January 2007. They are also working on creating links with artist groups in other cities, with the view of developing exhibition exchanges. It is hoped this will increase the audience for all the participating artists while providing an opportunity for the sharing of ideas.

The group has an open ethos towards new members and seeks to encourage and support other groups, from around the country, looking for the opportunity to work and exhibit in Liverpool, with the intention of creating new networks and facilitating new forms of interaction. "We are consciously aiming to create a diverse group of artists working across a wide range of media and ideas."