No Fixed Abode aims to instigate a critical debate around contemporary Folk activity within a culture of mass communication, maneuverability and commercialisation, in response to the typical definition of Folk being the expression of contained community. With worldwide networks being opened and created through media such as the internet, communities can exist outside of physical restrictions such as locality. This translation of the tangible aspects of social and geographical boundaries found within contemporary societies of open community underpins No Fixed Abode’s chosen discourse.

No Fixed Abode operates within an expanding network throughout the city, generating dialogues which open up the cities spaces, legislations and institutions.No Fixed Abode aims at addressing these ideas by mediating events that come about via an intelligent, self-effacing submission process, as well as commissioning works that are seen to further or expand the discourse.No Fixed Abode aims at addressing issues of site, public and private obligation, and expectation in its exhibition programme, as opposed to being dictated by them; it is able to occupy a unique and constructive position beside the established art institutions of Sheffield.

No Fixed Abode is the project of Horatio Eastwood and Terry Slater. Its structure and appearance is informed by what is received from contributions, correspondence and dialogue. Throughout this process No Fixed Abode will continually guide and direct the discourse through active curation and dialogue avoiding a didactic approach, favouring an informed exchange of ideas.

No Fixed Abode will present events, exhibitions and publish written discourse. We will actively work at engaging new and emerging artists as well as seeking advice and mentorship from more established ones. We will select artists to participate in projects, exhibitions, screenings and publications as well as send out calls for submissions through various channels of communication.

Situation Leeds:
Artists Can't Ride Bikes
Motorcycle Action Group, formed in 1973, is a voluntary organisation focused on defending rider’s rights, and improving motorcycle safety and security. To increase motorcycle awareness, Leeds MAG have organised a procession of up to 200 motorcycles that will pass through Leeds centre. No Fixed Abode joins MAG to film the procession and explore, beyond the boundaries of the organisation itself, the love of, and passion for, motorcycling. This film will be premiered on 26th May 14.30 at Hyde Park Picture House. Until then a trailer for the film can be viewed on the City Big Screen. More...

BBC Leeds Big Screen and Hyde Park Picture House
When: Mon 14 to Sun 27 May 2007

Further information:
View the Situation Leeds website