Supporting critical art, thought and action since 2007

criticalnetwork is an information sharing resource for UK and Ireland-based artists, activists, art organisations, architects, cultural critics and the public, launched Feb 2007.

is a not-for-profit organisation run voluntarily by a collective of practising artists based to support critical art, events and theory.

criticalnetwork releases an e-bulletin guide to forthcoming art events and opportunities once a month to an ever increasing readership of gallery visitors, artists, galleries, groups and organisations. The content is maintained through selection with the intention of delivering relevant and succinct information to an engaged audience. Selections are made based not on media but on content.

criticalnetwork hosts a webpage for each artist/event/project included in the e-bulletin, providing further information with links to external websites. These webpages are then archived and kept on-line for reference. To receive the e-bulletin and be the first to hear about new listings and opportunities please visit the subscribe page, to submit information about your projects to our listings visit the submit page.

criticalnetwork welcomes proposals for projects and collaboration, feedback, suggestions and ideas, please feel free to contact us on

Listing your projects

You are offered the opportunity to submit information about your forthcoming projects, events and opportunities (including exhibitions, interventions, publications, calls for submissions, etc.) Anyone can register for free and start making event or opportunity submissions by completing our online form.

Further information is available here.